Thursday, March 20, 2014


I think it is my first time when I am visiting this place during Holi. The word Holi immediately take us to colours, enjoyment. But here in villages, it s not about playing with colours.

Actually I am fully convinced with the logic people have inculcated since ages behind these rituals. Still spending time in Mandir, with these people, make us feel pleasant, calm. 

GOMU.... :)
Same evening I came across a group of kids with a krishn and other relevant characters to play Gomu act/dance.
Long back during my school days with my school buddies, I had also participated in this. We 4 to 5 friends went to many homes in nearby area and collected around 35 to 40 rupees. Actually I was not permitted to go for it, because roaming around village, dancing-singing and finally taking 1 or 2 rupee for that; does not sound decent at all. Now I feel it was unique experience that I had enjoyed. 

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