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Shri Chintamani, Theur
Flag of the Maratha EmpireImage:The original photo of god Khandoba temple devhara of Jejuri.jpg
:god Khandoba
The Marāthās is a collective term referring to an Indo-Aryan group of Hindu, Marathi-speaking castes of Kshatriya, warriors, commoner and peasants, hailing mostly from the Indian state of Maharashtra. They created the Maratha Empire which covered a major part of India in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Marathas constituted an extensive and eclectic class of warriors and peasants. Their clan structure may therefore be of interest to sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists and historians. Several lists and taxonomies of the Maratha clan structure are available. An authoritative listing was apparently first attempted in 1888 and a list finalised in 1956 by the Government of India. One such version is presented here.

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1 Origin of clan system
2 Historic role
3 Surnames and other details of the 96 main clans (96 Kuli Maratha)
3.1 Ahir-rao (Aahirraw), Dhampal, Ahirs
3.2 Aangre
3.3 Aangan (Aangane)
3.4 Bagwe
3.5 Bagraw
3.6 Bande
3.7 Babar
3.8 Bhagwat
3.9 Bhosale/Bhonsle
3.10 Bhoware
3.11 Bhogle
3.12 Bhoeete (Bhoite), Bhati
3.13 Biradar(patil)
3.14 Chavan,Chauhan
3.15 Chalukya (Chalke), Chalukyas
3.16 Dhamale
3.17 Dhamdhere
3.17.1 Dhitak
3.18 Dhawale
3.19 Dhekle
3.20 Dhone
3.21 Darbare
3.22 Dalvi
3.23 Dabhade
3.24 Dharmaraj
3.25 Devkante
3.26 Dhaybar / Dhaibar
3.27 Dhumal
3.28 Engale (Ingle)
3.29 Gund-Patil
3.30 Gawhane
3.31 Gujar (Gurjar) , Gujjar
3.32 Gaikwad, Gaykawad, Gaekwad
3.32.1 Gangnaik ,Gangas
3.33 Ghatge
3.34 Hande
3.35 Harphale
3.35.1 Haru
3.36 Jadhav, Yadava,
3.37 Jagdale
3.38 Jagdhane
3.39 Jagtap , Jat
3.40 Kale (Deshmukh)
4 r
4.1 Kalmukh/ Kalamkar
4.2 Kalachuri (Kachare, Chedi, Chedi Kingdom or Heheya Kingdom )
4.3 Kakade(Deshmukh)
4.4 Kardam, Kadam, Kadambas, Kalhapure
4.5 Khandagale
4.6 Khadtare
4.7 Khaire
4.8 Kokate
4.9 Lad
4.10 Madhure
4.11 Malpe
4.12 Mane
4.13 Malusare
4.14 Mahadik (Hyadik?)
4.15 Mhambar
4.16 Muleek
4.17 Maurya /Morey/Moray /More/
4.18 Mohite
4.19 Nalawde (Nal), Nala
4.20 Nalindhare
4.21 Nikam
4.22 Nisal
4.23 Pawar, Ponwar, Paramara
4.24 Pratihara, Parihara
4.25 Pansare
4.26 Pandhare
4.27 Patare
4.27.1 Proktat
4.28 Palwe, Pallava, Pallavas
4.29 Palandh
4.30 Pingle
4.31 Pisal
4.32 Phadtare
4.33 Phalke
4.34 Phakde
4.35 Phatak
4.36 Rathod / Rashtrakuta / Rothe
4.37 Chandle, Chandela
4.38 Rane, Rana
4.39 Raut or Raoot
4.40 Renuse
4.41 Shilahar , Shelar, Shelor , Silhara dynasty
4.42 Shankhapal (Sankpal)
4.43 Shinde, Scindia, Sindhia, Sindia, Shingade, shingadia, Sendrak
4.44 Shitole
4.45 Shirke
4.46 Salvi, Satavahanas, Andhras
4.47 Sawant
4.48 Salunkhe, Solanki
4.49 Sambare
4.50 Shisode, Sisodia
4.51 Surve
4.52 Shirsagar
4.53 Thakur, Thakoor ,Thakore
4.54 Tayde, Tawade
4.55 Tonwar, Tuwar, Tomara
4.56 Teje
4.57 Thorat
4.58 Thite/Thote
4.59 Vichare
4.60 Waghmare
4.60.1 Waghale
5 See also
6 References

Origin of clan system
The main clans and their sub-clans or lines tended to differ from time to time, and by book to book. Some clans lost their glory and kingdom while others gained prominence. An ideal 96 clan list includes 24 suryavanshi clans, 24 chandravanshi clans, 24 bramhavanshi clans and 24 Nagavanshi clans. ( The word nagvanshi is not correct. The correct word is Sheshvanshi. Since the word nagvanshi have others meanings, it is requested that the word Sheshvanshi should be used. )

Past political conditions were harsh and chaotic. Name changes occurred for many reasons. People changed their name to shield themselves from military conflicts, or from religious, political, caste-wise persecution and discrimination. Others did so to hide from a criminal past. Some people chose to go underground, or migrated to a different region and changed their name in the process. Evidence suggests[citation needed] that some people or an entire clan changed their name but did not change their caste when they migrated to new region or came an under government. It is difficult process to identify and prepare clans lines that are completely correct and some Maratha surnames and clans are missing from this list.

The list in this article was created by the great sage Vyasa rishi with the help of other rishis such as Vamdev, Shuk and others. They established that the Great Maratha clans are descendants of all 56 Royal Houses of India. According to Arya, the Hindu religion in India was divided into 56 sub nations. The Mahabharata war was destructive and left these nations in general disarray.[citation needed] This was the start of the Kaliyuga (sinful terrible age in Hinduism). In order to keep the religion alive, the rishis linked the Kshytriyas, warriors, and Royal houses with a strong bond by creating the Maratha Clan System from the 56 Royal houses of India. Before 12 century there was no difference between southern Kshatriya (Marathas) and northern Kshatriya (Rajputs). The first Rajput clan list was prepared in 12th century and the difference was set. Intermarrying and other Kshatriya traditions were stopped. Both Kshatriya started to underestimate each other.

Historic role
Historically Maratha clans played a major role in preserving Indian culture and religion.[citation needed] Indian civilisation is almost unbroken as no invader was able to wipe out indigenous Kshatriya clans. As a result a foreign culture could not be imposed, save for a few minor pockets which ultimately broke from India and formed new nations. The Marathas are either founders or descendants of the following list of empires.

Ahirs Bhati Bhonsle Chalukyas Chauhan Chandela Gaekwad (Gaikwad) Gujjar Kadambas Kakatiya Kalachuri or Chedi Kingdom or Heheya Kingdom Marathas Maurya Mauryas Nala Nikumbha Nikam Pallavas Parihara Pawar, Ponwar, Paramara Rashtrakutas Shankhapal,Sankpal Savekar Satavahanas Scindia (Sendrak) (Shinde)(Shingade) Silhara dynasty Sisodia Salunke Thakore Tomara Vaghela Vakataka Yadava Yadava of Deogiri or Devgiri

Surnames and other details of the 96 main clans (96 Kuli Maratha)
Each of the 96 clans use several different surnames. A total of 3,487 such surnames are compiled below. Also compiled are some other traditional details about each clan.

Ahir-rao (Aahirraw), Dhampal, Ahirs
Descended from: Somavanshi king Dhampal
Original seat: Kalyan
Colour of sign, canopy, horse and throne: Yellow
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Rudra on Flagpole
Clan god (Kuldaivat): Jyotiba
Clan object (Devak): Umbar tree (Ficus racemosa Tree), Mango tree or Kalamb (Mytragyna parviflora Tree OR Anthocephalus envamba Tree)
Guru: Atri muni
Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Gotra: Dhampal
Veda: Yajurveda.
Surnames:- Aadan, Aakhar, Aamale, Apraj, Aatole, Ade, Adhauo (Adhav), Akantak, Akante, Akaral, Akare, Akhande, Akral, Ameer, Araw, Armale, Awaghad, Bali, Balia, Bhilkar, Bhusgale, Charhate, Cherpe, Chitrakar Dabre, Date, Dature, Daware, Dhakne, Dhime, Dhole, Domne, Edhate, Erwe, Gangale, Ghodchadhe, Ghokhale, Gubre, Haipkar, Jagbhand, Jagdumbare, Jaggethe, Jangle, Junde, Junghare, Juwware, Karnale, Kathale, Mulmule, Padole, Padpathe, Padwe, Pannase, Prokatat, Shimre, Shire, Tale, Tole, Zadokar. (Total 57)
Dhampal is another name for the Aheer rao clan
Surnames:- Jadhav, Yadav, Shirke, Fhalke, Dhekle, Madhav, Abhang, Adhak, Bhojke, Rumale, Abrood, Aaware, Verdant, Dange, Khilate, Dumge, Virdatta, Kautuke, Kolare, Kasale, Tade, Tanawade, Gavad (Gawde), Kalyankar, Dhomre, Kathawde, Suesen, Bavanse, Honmane, Dunge, Chitrakar

(Original surname Shankhapal)

Throne, Canopy, Sign, Horse :- (Tambadi) Red colour
Clan Goddess :- Jogeshwari
Devak (Clan object) :- Shankha (Conch Shell)
Gotra :- Gargayan
Veda :- Yajurveda - Madhyandin.
Victory weapon :- Shstrakhanda weapon Puja.
Pawar :- Bhargava , Aapnavan , Chavan .
Guhyasutra :- Paraska
Surnames: Aakhade, Aarsood, Aasood, Aatkad, Akhatyar, Akhil, Amankar, Andhak, Andhare, Awakale, Chabukswar, Chanchal, Chatap, Chatpate, Erkhade, Esankar, Ethakare, Ethale, Gadrarw, Gandharwa, Ghodtale, Haghane, Janghale, Janjal, Janjeere, Jatabhare, Jatadharee, Jathe, Jawjal, Kadale, Kankrale, Karande, Karnale, Ladh, Sabkal, Sadar, Sawai, Sawkal, Tipre, Tridoshi, Tumane, Tushar, Watane (Total 43)
Agnre :- Maratha army's Great Navy suprimo Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre ( Kanhojee Aangrey ) was from this clan.

Aangan (Aangane)
Lineage: Suryavansha or solar clan
Original seat: Palashika (Halsi in Belgaum district, Karnataka)
Heraldic insignia (Nishan): Sun on flagpole
Colour of throne (Simhasan), canopy (Chhatra), insignia (Nishan) and horse (Varu): Red
Clan deity (Kuladaivat): Goddess Bhavani
Clan object (Devak): Kalamba (Mytragyna parviflora Tree OR Anthocephalus envamba Tree) or Ketak (Pandanus odoratissimus OR Fragrant screw pine)
Gotra: Kadam
Guru: Durvasa
Veda: Rigveda
Mantra: Tripad Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Aangan, Adshul, Agarkar, Alaspure, Angrakhe, Aswale, Awate, Awole, Budh, Budhe, Chakate, Chatte, Chattis, Chichor, Chote, Gandhi, Gaoorkhade, Gholap, Gulab, Jadnawal, Jaghane, Jagjal, Janchare, Janthe, Kalane, Kanoj, Karale, Kinge, Lahane, Mehkare, Oogal, Oornale, Randheer, Ranjeet, Salwe, Saoorkar, Tahane, Talghate, Talkat, Udhal, Udhawe, Upre, Usane, Utpadak, Uttam, Wale. (Total 46)

Original kingdom: Dharanagari (Dhar in Madhya Pradesh)
Colour of throne, canopy, sign (Nishan), and Horse (Varu): Red
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on flagpole
Clan god (Kuladaivat): Ling Ravalnath
Clan object (Devak): Edge of the sword / five leaves
Guru: Vasishtha
Gotra: Shandilya
Veda: Rigveda
Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Amir, Areeraw, Ambekar, Eangal, Karbe, Kanorte, Kashmirkar, Khanedar, Garudmane, Gabru, Garud, Gawdhal, Gihile, Chitrawadhe, Chitragupt, Chipde, Chipte, Jape, Janmandh, Zapate, Jamdande, Dhongiraw, Tikhate, Jamkhindee, Dhivde, Dhanurdhar, Dhaneshwar, Dhamal, Dhampal, Dhamdhar, Dhande, Dhaybar, Nahane, Naringe, Naydu, Nistane, Nerpagar, Parab, Prabhu, Pasubal, Pandav, Premed, Barve, Bandge, Mahiwar, Mokashe, Walunj, Sheshavansha, suryawanshi, Vasindkar. (Total 50)

Lineage :- Moon clan

Gotra:- Bharadwaj
Devak (Clan objects):- Umbar or Shankh (Conch shell)
Clan Gods:- Umamaheshwar, Tuljapur Goddess
Surnames: Kalate, Kailase, Gavse, Gajre, Gajpal, Gajanan, Gajbal, Ganesh, Gangadhare, Galmane,Gaonkar, Rajhans, Chitre, Chitaree, Chitrakar, Chithakar, Narwade, Pardhkar, Pathaliy, Pal, Pate, Palye, Pindurkar, Bele, Boke, Besre, Bochre, Walshing, Wagulde, Waniyade, Warokar, Wande, Widhal, Widhate, Shirkhare, Shitar, Vidyane. (Total 38)

Lineage :- Sun or Solar Clan, Gotra:- Bharadwaja, Devak (Clan objects):- Gold, Turmeric, Ketki, Clan Gods:- Bhavani goddess of Tuljapur

Surnames: Gafhtane, Gawhar, Chikhle, Chilkhate, Chivat, Nakte, Nagale, Nagmote, Nirmal, Nimkar, Nilje, Panes, Pahokar, Pokharkar, Baskar, Bakle, Belsare, Bokde, Bambdale, Mahalung, Waskar, Wakle, Shingare, Shirak, Shendre, Panche, Pimple, Pohkar. (Total 29)

Lineage :- Sun or Solar Clan, Gotra:- Bharadwaja, Devak (Clan objects ):- Gold, Kalamb, Turmeric, Ketki, Clan Gods:-Bhavani Goddess of Tuljapur.

Surnames: Ghathode, Chinchpure, Chinchdhar, Chinchalkare, Chinchulkar, Chiranjiv, Chirayu, Dhamode, Dhobe, Nare, Natrrke, Navavade, Nikumb, Nidar, Nicheshthe, Nijrupe, Patanwar, Parwal, Pagdhune, Piwal, Potte, Barbuddhe, Babar, Borkute, Boche, Bodhekar, Mahalka, Mandeesur, Rawatkar, Waluve, Wayzonde, Selkar, Potnis, Poshinde, Zanzane(Total 36)

Lineage :- Sun or Solar Clan, Gotra:- Kashyapa, Devak (Clan objects):- Kalamb, Clan Gods:- Katyayani and Goddess of Tuljapur.

Surnames: Chunade, Chugle, Chunkhade, Chatre, Chtrapatee, Jagnade, Jagkar, Janak, Janardan, Jalit, Jamdar, Jaysawar, Devtale, Deotale, Dharankar, Dhabe, Dhatrekar, Dhuldhar, Dhulse, Dhondale, Powar, Fhajeete, Barvat, Bakshee, Barulkar, Bodhale, Bhange, Madan, Mahokar, Warulkar, Sbodhale, Bhange, Mahokar, Warulkarsunpekar, Hood, Hiradeve, Holge, Howalkar, Kshyatre, Dynanee, Kshyetrapal, Dhyandev, Dhyanvat. (Total 41)

Lineage: Suryavansh or Solar clan
Original kingdom: Mainawati, Tuljapur, Raygad fort (Raigad) and Burhanpur
Current kingdoms: Kolhapur, Satara, Nagpur Akalkot and Thanjavur
Colour of throne, canopy, sign (Nishan), and Horse (Varu): Bhagwa (Ochre),*Heraldic sign (Nishan): Rudra on flagpole
Clan goddess: Jagdamba Bhavani, Tulja Bhavani, chittoud Bhavani,*Clan godd: Eklingji, Bada Mahadeo of shikhar shingnapur Satara, Saptashrungi Nivasini Devi in Nasik district near Vani *Clan object (Devak): Five Leaf,
Guru: Shankkayan,*Gotra: Kaushika,*Veda: Rigveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:-Aher, Awatar, Ubale, Aadhale, Bhondve,Desale, Dhole, Kacchawah, Kalse, Kanse, Kanase, Kadoo, Ghorpade, Chavle, Devaskar, Deokar, Dhorne, Nakashe,Polhar, Fhale, Bansode, Badhe, Borde, Matale,Navsare, Mahajan. Ranbagul, Eaw, Lokhande, Widhate, Wiradh, Watekar,Pedgaonkar, Shisode, Sawant, Bhosale, Hivrale, Sarupye. (Total 36)
The great Indian King Shivaji Maharaj the founder of modern Maratha Empire is from this clan.
Chh. Udayanraje Pratapsinhraje Bhosale is the present descendant of Chhattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Bhosale.
Bhosale royal clan was once patil of Vavi village in Sinnar Taluka in Nashik district.
Bhosale royal clan also found in western maharashtra region (Bhosari village,waki,khed,wafhgaon in Pune district);(Papari, Bembale in solapur district) some family were deshmukh of their region. All Bhosale-Patil families in Maharashtra having Panch-pallava as devak are represent this royal clan.
Desale surname is found in Malegaon Taluka in Nashik district, and at Zhodage in Dhule district. The history for this surname is, during King Shivaji time, some of the Bhosale family lineage migrated from Desh to Khandesh, and were stationed in Khandesh to keep Mughal Empire in check, coming from north India. Due to this Desh change, the Bho-sale surname was changed to De-sale.
Babasaheb Bhosale - Chief Minister of Maharashtra (January 21, 1982 - February 1, 1983)
King Shivaji's main spy Hiroji Fharjad alias .....Bhosale from town Khamgaon Maval near fort Sinhagad(Template:Coord/display/inline)
Kanase's are from Satara Maharashtra.Captain Narayanrao Kanase,.....Doctor B.A Kanase,....Principal B.A Kanase.
More information link for Bhosale clan:-
Tanjore :-
Tanjore :-
Satara :-
Satara :-
Kolhapur :-
Akalkot :-
For flag :-
Ghorpade is a branch of the Bhosale clan

Original seat: Paithan in Maharashtra; Mudhol and Sandur in Karnataka
'Pedgaonkar' hail from Pedgaon in Ahmednagar district.
Colour of throne, sign, canopy, horse: Ochre (Bhagwa)
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Rudra on Flagpole
Clan god: Khanderao *Clan object: Rui tree ( Giant Milkweed tree )
Gotra:Vajpeya *Veda: Rigveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra.
Grate Maratha Sardar Santaji Ghorpade was from this clan.
More information link for Ghorpade clan :-
Brief history of Sandur and a genealogy of its ruling chiefs
Genealogy of the Ghorpade dynasty of Sandur
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Surnames:-Gurav,Godkale,Golait,Ghedkar,Jameendar,Jabadade,Jachad,Javle, Jyotishee, Veerbhaw,Pohe, Poccha,Kartode, Bodye,Bhonware, Masurkar,Mhasagar, Veerbhav, Shakal,Shursen, Hise,Hole, Hore,Dhyankor. ( Total24)

Original kingdom: Bagalkot (in Karnataka)
Colour of throne, sign, canopy( Baldachin ) & Horse:- Ochre
Heraldic sign (Nishan):- Rudra on flagpole
Clan deity (Kuladaivat):- Mahadeva *Clan object (Devak):- Pancha-pallava
Guru:- Kaushika rshi *Gotra:- Dorik *Veda:- Rigveda *Mantra:- Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Ghabre, Geevtode, Jondhale, Geereetkar, Derkar, Dhade, Dhatrak, Dhabal, Dhide, Dharat, Dhotre, Dhote, Phalke, Bahurupe, Bachate, Bhate, Bohaskar, Mangale, Mhasake, Viral, Hinge, Hepte, Hemant, Hotke, Honade, Haibat, Tapkiree, Tapaswee, Tapase, Paeek, Panes. (Total 32)

Bhoeete (Bhoite), Bhati
Original kingdom: Jaisalmer (in Rajastan)
Colour of throne, sign, canopy & horse: Ochre
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Rudra on flagpole
Clan god (Kuladaivat): Mahadeva *Clan object (Devak): Pancha-pallava
Guru: Kaushika rishi *Gotra: Dorik *Veda: Rigveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Jogdandmane, Bagmare, Bangale, Bhattee, Bhadurge, Bhapkar, Mahala, Machale, Mahalle, Mahore, Matonge, Methakhar, Maide, Yamdad, Yamdahe, Yawkar, Yerne, Yewale, Rumne, Ronghe, Lole, Bhoge, Vilhale, Vilape, Shabde, Shirkhare, Shirsath, Shirsatt, Sairwar, Hiwse, Hiwarkar, Hunmanya, Hendre, Helbe, Helawde, Ruche, Rudre. (Total 37)
Yewale family is situated in Akole tehasil, Ahemadnagar District in Maharashtra. Kuladaivat:- JEJURI KHANDOBA

Bhoite marathas main royal clan members situated in Tadawale sammat Wagholi,Wagholi ( In Koregaon tehsil,satara ),Hingangaon,Aradgaon( Phaltan tehsil,satara)in Maharashtra.
Bhoite marathas are prominent maratha royal clan with their titals as including Inamdar,Vatandar,Deshmukh,Sardar,Saranjamdar,Sarkar,Jahagirdar,Patiletc. This Family can be found in mainly Satara,Sangli,Kolhapur,Jalgaon,Pune,Nasik,Ahmadnagar & Other Maharashtra region also. However,Bhoite Families also present in Baroda,Surat,Bhopal,Gwalior etc.

Bhoite word means Brave.
Bhoite's are Supposed to be originated from Aryan Royal Rajput clan of Jaisalmair as history of them is that they were descendants of three royal brothers stayed at Tadawale sammat Wagholi,Wagholi,Hingangaon in anitient time.

Many Bhoites are serving nation from anicient time by his bravery like other marathas. Bhoite having good relations with other prominent marathas.Bhoite having their presence in all lists of 96K Marathas.They are relegious, brave Warriors,agrarians,land lords,Peasants,Kattar Marathas.

Ranoji Bhoite : Famous Maratha Warrior,Commander of Maratha troop in Panipat War belongs this clan. He foughted & won many wars bravely along with supreme Marathas.

Main clan God: Shree JawalSiddhanath ( shankar,Shiv ) ,Jawali in Phaltan, where Bhoite having first right to worship God. Present Personalities : Mr.Krushnachandra Bhoite,Former MLA Phaltan. Mr.Ashok Bhoite, Former Secretary, Rayat Shikshan Sanstha,Satara. Ajit Bhoite, Crecketer of Baroda. Mr.Sunil Bhoite,(Famous member of Environmental Organisation DRONGO) Mr.B.Y.Bhoite.(anna),EX. Sabhapati of Koregaon Panchayat Samiti. Mr.Sharad Bhoite , EX. Sabhapati of Phaltan Panchayat Samiti. Mr.Namdevrao Bhoite,Former MLA From Radhanagari( 1995-1999),Kolhapur. Mr.Pramod Bhoite,The President of Akhil Bharatiya Bajrang Dal.

Bhapkar Maratha Clan is present in Loni Bhapkar village,Pune.

Originally from Prabhanavalli. The original surname was Kadam.
Current Native Place: latur, udgir (taluka), osmanabad,marathwada, pune
Gotra : Jamadagni
Kul deity: Tulja Bhavani
Village deity: Bhairi Bhavani
Surnames:- patil, Kadam, Jadhav, Sawant, Makane, Jalkote, Shinde, Tawde

Lineage: Agnivanshi Chauhan, Moon clan , Somavansha, descended from the Somavanshi king Chavan
Original kingdom: Ajmer (Rajasthan), Delhi, Mewad (Mewar), Avantipuri and Jath, Watul in Lanja Taluka Ratnagiri District.
Gotra : Kapila /Vashishta
Colour of sign, canopy, horse and throne: White / Yellow
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on Flagpole*Clan goddess: Jwalamukhi Bhavani Clan God:- Jyotiba, *Clan object (Devak): Vasundari Vell, Halad (Turmeric Root or Curcuma Root ), Gold, Rui (Giant Milkweed tree) or Kalamb ( Mytragyna parviflora Tree OR Anthocephalus envamba Tree ) *Gotra: Chavan *Veda: Rigveda / Yajurveda*Mantra: Tripad Gayatri.*Prawar (Five) :- Angirasa, Brihaspati, Chyavana, Upamanyu and Saman *Guhyasutra :- Paraska
Surnames: Aatle, Esapute, Kabhandh, Kalbhor, Kanojiya, Karkre, Kisab, Kaspale, Kalbhar, Kapde, Karbharee, Kedar, Kharkhare, Kharpate, Khartope, Khandekar, Khamkar, Khulale, Gund, Dhagdh, Chandawle, Chudawala, Dang, Dhaphale, Dhawle, Dhakle, Shewale, Titway, Tibe, Tegle, Topsule, Tablkar, Thorad, Dare, Dhahibe, Dalpate, Dusing, Dewge, Dhadam, Dhopte, Parthe, Parwarkar, Phalke, Phage, Bache, Warge, Bhandare, Bhaykar, Bhalsinh, Bhonwar, Bhoyar, Bhorrdar, Randiwe, Langthe, Lotankar, Wadkar, Sinab, Hawle, Dhipule, Takwe, Dagde, Dangle, Data, Dhadpade, Dhadote, Dhekre. (Total 67)
Late Yashwantrao Chavan Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Shree Prithviraj Chavan, the MP(PMO Minister) from Karad in Maharashtra is prominent figure from this clan.
Late Shankarrao Chavan (February 21, 1975 - May 17, 1977) - Chief Minister of Maharashtra (February 21, 1975 - May 17, 1977 and March 12, 1986 - June 26, 1988)
More information on the Chavan clan

Chalukya (Chalke), Chalukyas
Original kingdom: Badami alias Vatapi and Kalyani (both in Karnataka), ancient region of Lat in Gujarath State
Colour of sign, canopy, horse and throne: Dhawale (white)
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Ganapati on flagpole
Clan deity: Khanderao *Clan object (Devak): Umbar ( Ficus racemosa Tree) or Shankh (Conch shell)
Guru: Dalbhya rushi *Gotra: Mandavya *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames: Anang, Aditya, Endalkar, Khamble, Khandare, Khandane, Gujare, Chle, Chulkee, Chudamanee, Chaure, Chaurange, Chaube, Jawle, Jagl, Dubal, Dhisle, Dagne, Nilwarna, Bangal, Babar, Bendale, Bhadane, Bhawr, Mayor, Rannwre, Wakka, Leegar, Wale, Shakswant, Sanchole, Shekwant, Sonwte, Sokawde, Theche, Thepe, Thokle, Dambre, Dhamale, Dhalpe, Dhabe, Dumbre, Dangat, Tage, Tagre, Dadhate, Dashakanth, Dhansale, Dhanandhe, Nage, Nable, Nabhe, Natke, Nanwte, Nawde, Nawade, Padhale, Patkre, Patkure, Prabhave, Bakhade, Bgale, Bandsode, Bhangsal, Bhartkhande, Wadskar, Shalotre. (Total 69)
Chulkee is a branch of the Chalukya clan

Lineage: Brahmavansha, descended from the Brahmavanshi king Chulki
Original seat: Mahikawati
Colour of sign, canopy, horse and throne: Yellow
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Hanuman on flagpole
Clan god (Kuldaivat): Brahmanath
Clan object (Devak): the Lotus flower, Shankh (Conch shell), Shami(Banni) (Acacia ferruginea), Kalamb ( Mytragyna parviflora Tree OR Anthocephalus envamba Tree )
Guru: Bharadwaja *Veda: Yajurveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra *Gotra: Mandvya
Information Link for this clan :- Chalukyas
See :- Category:Chalukyas

Lineage: Brahmavansha alias Yaduvansha alias Harivansha
Kingdom: Dwarkapattan (Dwarka in Gujarat)
Colour of throne, canopy, sign (Nishan), and Horse (Varu): Red *Heraldic sign (Nishan): Rudra on flagpole*Clan god (Kuladaivat): Vishnu Narayan
Clan object (Devak): Kadamb Tree ( Anthocephalus indicus Tree ) *Guru: Munjal muni *Gotra: Chandale ( For this See also Chandela ) *Veda: Yajurveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Ajmate, Aale, Uchle, Umbrde, Kathore, Karodikar, Khagol, Khandal, Kharane, Kharag, Khilate, Ganeem, Gane, Gandhe, Gande, Chandrabal, Chitod, Chokhad, Jawre, Jasood, Dhake, Talekar, Dandle, Dandale, Daleem, Nawre, Nigedhe, Pakhare, Bakte, Bakeekar, Bapgare, Burbhe, Bhanwell, Yawle, Dewale, Lande, Waket, Waldkar, Vasand, Shirgadkar, Hirpe, Bakre. (Total 43)

Surnames:- Aghor, Ajatshatra Aadhar, Kirwant, Kirlo, Kirkite, Kirmeere, Khamnkar, Khedekar, Khesipe, Gaydhanee, Gardee, Garud, Dhamdhere, Dhumne, Dhengle, Dhele, Dhoble, Dholam, Dhonghe, Didhade, Dimakhe, Bagde, Bangayade, Burghate, Wanre, Warpade, Wate, Watwate, Wande-Watarkar, Vishal, Warwante. (Total 34)
Dhamdhere clan is in good number in town Talegaon Dhamdhere in Pune District
Derik is another name for the Dhamdhere clan

Lineage: Bramhavansha, descended from the Brahmavanshi king Derik
City: Chittor / Chittoud (in Rajastan)
Colour of sign, canopy, horse and throne: Ochre (Bhagwa)
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Rudra on flagpole
Clan object: Pancha-pallava *Guru: Kaushika rishi
Gotra: Dorik *Veda: Rigveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra.

Another name for the Dhamdhere clan

Lineage: Suryavansha, descended from the Suryavanshi raja Dhitak
Original seat: Kanoj (Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh)
Colour of sign, canopy, horse and throne: Ochre (Bhagwa)
Colour of horse: White
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Sun on flagpole
Clan goddess: Bhavani *Clan object (Devak): Kalamb ( Mytragyna parviflora Tree OR Anthocephalus envamba Tree )
Guru: Agastya *Gotra: Dhitak *Veda: Yajurveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra

Surnames: Umrao, Karalkar, Kapul, Kasle, Kalebhar, Kuchle, Kuche, Kuchar, Gandgale, Dhawle, Dholsomde, Talware, Dalne, Dawande, Daphedar, Demote, Burange, Ladke, Lawale, Kapoore, Lakudkar, Lahane, Laybare, Nimbe, Likte, Lunge, Lekurwale Lede, Shing, Lubre, Lule, Shinge, Bule. (Total 34)

Surnames: Katwane, Kako, Katwde, Kambe, Keertane, Krutant, Killol, Kuthe, Kubde, Gidde, Dhol, Dhekle, Tware, Tatte, Taru, Tupkaree Tetu, Bulbutle, Sapat, Sodgeer, Mad, Hodgeer, Diwate. (Total 24)

Surnames: Dhole, Kaypatee, Kaje, Kurmawanshee, Kuldeepak, Kaumree, Kuhte, Kushwanshee, Kuth, Kusher, Gilorkar, Dhongle, Tahral, Talke, Talmale, Timane, Bukame, Sonwate, Madwee, Mahate. (Total 20)

Surnames: Arvind, Arerao, Ugle, Utan, Konde, Kodape, Dhole, Guldhe, Zende, Tikwade, Tirukhe, Tatode, Tale, Tambakhe, Takpire. (Total 15)

Lineage :- Sun or Solar clan, Gotra:- Vasishtha , Devak (Clan objects ):- Panchpallav (Five leaf ), Clan Gods:- Mahadev and Goddess of Tuljapur. The name Dalvi means the brave king / chief who rules the people and fights wars.

Surnames: Ulhe, Uttarkhede, Umal, Kalam, Konde, Dongre, Jumde, Khand, Zode, Taraye, Talaye, Takod, Tajne, Tijare, Thopte, Dame, Dhande, Nikat, Nandorkar, Yadakhe, Bhangale, Bhar, Sakle, Molkar, Rahat, Satarkar. (Total 26)
One branch of the Royal Puars family, by descent Rajputs of the Puar clan, adopted many generations back, in 12th century, the family name of Dalvi. Who at present are Hindu Rajput-Marathas, native to Lakhmapur (or old Lakshmipur) and nearby area, ( had Ahiwantwadi Fort) near Wani-Dindori, Nasik and have the social honor of being “Deshmukh”. The Dalvis of Lakhmapur held many important positions as regional war-lords and Chiefs of private armies.
First modern days Maratha historian shree Gopal Dajiba Dalwi author of the books Maratha Kulancha Etihas - Part 1,2,3,4,5,6 Published from 1912 onwards.

Original seat :-Dwarkapattan ( Dwarka ) ,Throne,Canopy,Sign,Horse :- Red colour or Orche , Rudra on Flagpole , Clan God:- Khandoba, * Clan Goddess :- Tulja Bhavani , *Devak ( Clan object ) :- Suryaful , Guru :- Shaunlya Rishi , Gotra :- Shaunlya , Veda :- Yajurveda - Madhyandin ,Rigveda , *Mantra :- Gayatri Mantra. *Victory weapon :- Katyar weapon puja on Dasara .*Prawar :- Shaunlya ,Astika (mythology) and Devala .*Guhyasutra :- Paraska
Surnames: Dabhekar, Umli, Ubhekar, Sashrete, Khachne, Guwade, Tarhande, Tarke, Tawede, Phengde, Bade, Raonikam, Dhulp, Zanje, Pharphate, Phendar, Nichal, Ubhe, Kangude, Polekar, Mare . (Total 21)
Dabhade clan is the Jahagirdar family of town Talegaon Dabhade in Pune District. Dabhade is royal clan was at service in Maratha army.
Great Maratha Sardar Khanderao Dabhade is from this clan. Sardar Satyasheelraje Padmasenraje Dabhade is the present descendant of Sarsenapati Khanderao Dabhade.
Sardar Khanderao Dabhade was appointed "Sarsenapati or Commander-in-Chief" of the Maratha Army by Chh. Shahu Maharaj of Satara on 11th January 1717.
Dabhade are Sardars and also held deshmukhi of a number of villages.
Sarsenapati Khanderao Dabhade held the title of "Rajdeshmukh". This title is only with the Sarsenapati Sardar Dabhade Family of Talegaon Dabhade.

Lineage: Brahmavansha alias Yaduvansha alias Harivansha
Descended from the Brahmavanshi king Dharmaraja
Original seat: Kalpi in Uttar Pradesh state
Colour of throne, canopy and Horse (Varu): Red
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Garuda (eagle bird) on flagpole*Clan god (Kuladaivat): Mahadeva
Clan object: Five leaf / Pancha Pallav - (Wad, Pimpal (Ficus religiosa), Haryali, Ashta (Arali) (Ficus religiosa), Jambhul (Syzygium cumini))
Guru:Angiras Rishi *Gotra: Dharmaraja *Veda: Rigveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Amonkar, Umak, Unhale, Ogle, Kowle, Gubhane, Tarte, Tarange, Titeermare, Taybote, Phiranke, Bhatta, Radke, Rachor, Rashtrakut, Lavavanshi, Sachan, Singgaur, Sulank, Suran. (Total 20)

Lineage :- Moon clan, Gotra:- Kaushika, Devak (Clan objects):- Panchpallav ( Five Leaf ), Clan Gods:- Umamaheshwar and goddess of Tuljapur.

Surnames: Udade, Udkhade, Kolte, Kolapar, Gube, Gedam, Zagde, Tabele, Thor, Dandade, Dahibhajne, Damble, Diyakar, Muguchavan. (Total 15)

Dhaybar / Dhaibar
Lineage :- Moon clan, Gotra:- Bharadwaja, Devak (Clan objects):- Umbar tree or Shankh ( Conch Shell ) , Clan Gods:- Umamaheshwar and goddess of Tuljapur.

Surnames: Ubhade, Ujagar, Khapte, Khilare, Gulkende, Taktode. (Total 7)
This clan is related to the royal family of Sondur and Baroda. One branch served as Killedar of Baroda.

Original kingdom: Nashik and Vijaydurg(both in Maharashtra)
Colour of sign, canopy, horse & throne: Red
Heraldic sign (Nishan):Sun on flagpole
Clan goddess: Bhavani *Clan object (Devak): Halad (Turmeric Root or Curcuma Root) or Ketak (Pandanus odoratissimus OR Fragrant screw pine tree)
Guru: Durvasa *Gotra: Kadam *Veda: Rigveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Gurkhee, Guru, Gurakhe, Gete, Jalandhar, Jalgunj, Japedkar, Dhule, Dhure, Tagne, Borawle, Malchimne, Nagane, Weshe, Wekhande, RanaDhumal(Rawandale) (Total 16)

Engale (Ingle)
Lineage: Brahmavansha
Original kingdom: Mahinagar and Ayodhya (in Uttar Pradesh), Vidarbha region in Maharashtra.
Colour of throne: Yellow *Canopy: Yellow *Sign (Nishan): Yellow
Horse (Varu): Yellow, Hanuman on Flagpole
Clan deity ('Kuladaivat'): Brahmanath *Clan object (Devak): the Lotus flower
Guru: Bharadwaja *Gotra: Chulkee *Veda: Yajurveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Adhau, Agochar, Arbat, Arwad, Atkare, Aalsure, Ambreesh, Bhamburkar, Burghate, Chikte, Chinchoke, Chimote, Chimte, Choudhari or chaudhary, Chitins, Dukrul, Dhumale, Dhole, Dhote, Dongre, Enjalkar, Endhale, Elamkar, Ene, Edhale, Etkhade, Gaiphane, Gorle, Gode, Hawre, Hingre, Ingle, Ingole, Jagdal, Jabidare, Jabr, Janprawade, Janmakhode, Janmapashe, Japmale, Jangle, Jawanjal, Jumde, Kasoorkar, Kanije, Kamble, Karale, Khade, Khadse, Kharad, Mate, Mandlik, Manjre, Matikhaye, Modak, Mohod, Niranjan, Othambe, Oraskar, Patil, Pore, Pote, Repe, Reche, Rekhe, Rode, Sagne, Shelke, Topple, Topkar, Tryambake, Wankhade. (Total 71)
(Adhau, Atkare, Burghate, Dongre, Gode, Gorle, Ingle, Ingole, Jumde, Karale, Khade, Modak, Mohod, Patil, Sagne, Shelke are settled in Amravati and Akola'Burhanpur, and bordering villages of Maharashtra in MP )
Mate :- Late shree Namdeorao Mate MLA
Mandlik :- Sadashivrao Dadoba Mandlik MLA of the Nationalist Congress Party, Kolhapur.

Originally belongs to middle part of Maharashtra cities like Ahmednagar, Solapur, Aurangabad.

Surnames:Gund, Shinde,Chemte, Deshmukh,Kullal, Kale,Mhaske, Zine,Kamthe,
Modhve, Tambe,Gavhane, Karale,Kardile.

Caste:96 K Marathas

Gawas name for the Gawhane clan

Original seat: Ayodhya
Throne, Canopy, Sign: Twin colours
Clan god: Prabhakar *Clan object (Devak): Pancha-pallava (Five leaf)
Guru: Bharadwaja *Gotra: Kaushika *Veda: Yajurveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra.
Surnames:- Aale, Aade, Kasar, Kamole, Kongre, Khandole, Khadkakar, Galraha, Legarmale, Gawal, Joge, Jogwekar, Jote, Jauooli, Tekade, Zadmode, Zadekar, Zabde, Tadaha, Takare, Dang, Dikre, Dawage, Dhakulakar, Nabhade, Pawle, Panghate, Paoolbudhhe, Pire, Bagar, Wanshwar. (Total 32)

Gujar (Gurjar) , Gujjar
Surnames: Aakarn, Bawiskar, Aaglawe, Dhole,Kalokar, Kandekar, Kite, Kotharkar, Khakre, Gangthade, Gujrathee, Khase, Khaserao, Gumaste, Zarke, Zallar, Zingte, Zinzote, Zigte, Zirmire, Dagre, Dhafh, Dakhode, Danger, Naykawad, Batharawar, Badare, Bulke, , Bolke, Magarmak. (Total 32)
Prataprao Gujar (actual name Kudtoji Gujar) was the second Sarnaubat (Commander-in-chief) of Shivaji's army
BAWISKAR (BAVISKAR, BAVIsarkar) - In North Maharashtra Bawiskar settled at ASODA (Tal & Dist. Jalgaon), Ghodgaon, Hated, Mirache Palaskhede, Chahardi and SAKRE (Tal:DHARANGAON Dist:JALGAON)

Gaikwad, Gaykawad, Gaekwad
Kingdom: Ayodhya *current kingdom: Badoda/Baroda/Vadodara (in Gujarat)
Throne: Twin colours (Red and White) *Canopy and sign: Twin colours (Red and White)
Horse: White *Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on flagpole
Clan goddess: Bhavani , Chamundeshwari ( Chamunda )* Clangod :- Khandoba. *Clan object (Devak): SuryaFul (SunFlower)
Guru: Vashishta *Gotra: Kashyapa *Veda: Yajurveda - Madhyandin *Mantra: Gayatri mantra *Guhyasutra :- Paraska . *Prawar :- Gautam ,Angiras and Aoutathya.
Surnames: Achal, Achah, Awadhani, Asure, Adsure, Karmat, Kanle, Kawde, Karjaree, Kanjan, Kapalfhode, Kasare, Karkar, Kahar, Kajale, Kanade, Kanta, Katle, Kanhe, Kirkire, Kithe, Kode, Khare, Khapde, Garade, Gadoor, Ghadhawe, Gayke, Gaykee, Chandre, Gawal,Harpale, Chkrawartee, Chakrapanee, Chkrawak, Jajwaly, Jadoogeer,Jachak, Jire, Joon, Zile, Tiwte, Dige, Dukre, Dhiwar, Dhore, Talwale, Takte, Tagnaledatar, Datare, Duranga, Dewle, Dhagad, Dhagdhamale, Dhare, Dhundupal, Nakhare, Nawate, Nanwar, Nagte, Patait, Padkar, Padsare, Pawed, Padpar, Patre, Palkar, Pure, Pendhare, Fhade, Badwe, Fhakadpale, Bama, Banasur, Bender, Belwade, Ghodke, Bhadkambe, Bhamare, Bhate, Madkar, Marathe, Mahale, Madke, Margath, Mahalunge, Mhasik, Wairkar, Maral, Mabhale, Morkar, Mase, Manse, Mare, Mhatare, Murkar, Mulke, Mene, Mengune, Mode, Rage, Rangole, Rande, Rodke, Lagad, Langde, Lokre, Waidya, Shankh, Shiwne, Shewde, Sansale, Sawale, Sarad, Sarte, Satag, Saple, Surkhe Sonawde, Hajare, Hame, Hamale, Hadke, Hoke, Dhage, Dhadak, Dhananjay. (Total 129)
Harpale-Patil - Harpale from phursungi (near pune city) are also gaikwad's.The Gaikwads came from baroda to Pune in the 18th century to support maratha army in panipat war.They possess a "Tamr-Pat"(Its a mark of royal clans) of Gaikwad's. Now Harpale-Patil are watandar patil of phursungi, they are in good numbers there.Some Harpale families from Nagpur district claim to be Deshmukh of towns near by.
Gaikwad clan is in good number in and around Mundhawa town near Pune city.
The 3rd wife of Chh.Shivaji Maharaj, Sakwarbaisaheb belonged to the "Rao-Vishwasrao" Gaikwad family of Kolhapur. Rao - Vishwasrao Gaikwad was originally from the village Mundhwa near pune as mentioned in his book 'Rao vishwasrao Gharanyacha Itihaas' The present direct descendants of the "Rao-Vishwasrao" Gaikwad family still reside in Kolhapur. Govindrao Gaikwad, Col. Gaikwad are some of them. The other reletad family still resides in Mundhwa and is the patil gharana of Mundhwa. They still hold correspondence letters from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to their name.
Some of Gaikwads are also migrated from village TAKALI of PUNE district to village Chinchkheda of district DHULE in khandesh (north maharastra). It is said that a lady with her two young children come to Chinchkheda, buy a Gadhi (small fort like structure) from sister of gawali king of Khandesh and setteled there. After then one of her two children moved towards north and is the ancestor of Gaekwads of Baroda, Gujarat.
It is also said that gaikwads were related with the fort KISHANGADH,i.e. killedar of KISHANGADH
Royal Gaykawad clan of Badoda was once Patil of the village of Lalvan in MalegaonTaluka in Nashik district .
More information link for Gaikawad clan :-
Badoda :-
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Gangnaik ,Gangas
Another branch of the Yadu clan

Lineage: Somavansha
Original seat: Mhaisur (Mysore city in Karnataka), Talakad
Colour of sign, canopy, horse and throne: Red
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on flagpole
Clan god: Bhairava
Clan object(Devak):Edge of a sword or five leaf (Mango, Janbhul (Syzgium cumini), wad (Ficus bengalensis), Daruchink (Datura stramonium ?), sawad (Bombax malabaricum ? ) )
Guru: Vasishtha *Gotra: Ganganaik *Veda: Rigveda *Mantra: Gayatri.

Original kingdom: Ayodhya
other kingdom :- Kagal near Kolhapur city in Maharashtra
KagalJunior vassal state and KagalSenior vassal state

Colour of throne and sign: Twin colours *Colour of horse: White
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on Flagpole*Clan god : Prabhakar *Clan object (Devak): Pancha-pallav (Five Leaf)
Guru: Vasishta *Gotra: Kashyapa *Veda: Yajurveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Karante, Kapale, Karkre, Kapse, Kharate, Gathol, Gawde, Gad, Gaderao, Gharge(Deshmukh), Gonde, Godbole, Ghaw, Jogee, Joggle, Janorkar, Taksale, Tidke, Diwekar, Thigle, Dharpal, Nasade, Patade, Pate, Bede, Bhodure, Markale, Malode, Mahurkar, Mhaisane, Mankar, Badeer, Shele, Shendade, Sangwi, Sagne, Sakhale, Tangsal. (Total 38)
Babasaheb Gawde first Police commissioner of Mumbai after independent of India

Surnames: Tope, Tolbhairav, Tembatte, Thavree, Thengne, Dalpatee, Dabolya, Dalap, Dhavad, Lohokhande, Vairal, Vengurlekar, Shasne, Shahane, Satge, Sapate, Samak, Lohare,waman, Vaikhare,Virdi,Virdee. (Total 23)
Tope :- Shree Rajesh Ankush Tope MLA from Jalna city .


Another name for the Harphale clan

Lineage: Brahmavansha, descended from the Brahmavanshi king Haru
Original seat: Jaipur (in Rajastan)
Colour of sign, horse and throne: White colour
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on flagpole
Clan goddess: Bhavani *Clan object (Devak): Panchapallav (Five leaves) or Kalamb
Guru: Varuna rishi *Gotra: Haru *Veda: Rigveda.
Surnames: Zumbre, Devaskar, Dapse, Durge, Dugane, Devtole, Davtole, Dhavas, Dhavkar, Lahul, Lotankar, Verulkar, Vesange, Shahapure, Somavanshi, Sukshen, Songire, Husangbage, Dudhane. (Total 20)

Jadhav, Yadava,
Ancient clan traditional details ;- *Gotra: Atri and Shavasaviti , *Pravar ;- Atri, Archan and Shavasaviti, *Veda: Rigveda , *sign ;- Black, *Clan god (Kuladaivat):- Shreeshankar,Khandoba * Sect;- Nath .[citation needed]

Other clan traditional details -
Guru: Kaundanya
Clan goddess (Kuladevata): Jogeshwari, Godess Tulja Bhavani of Tuljapur
City (Nagar): Mathurapattanam (Mathura), Dwarawati (Dwarka), Devagiri (Daulatabad in Maharashtra), Varangul (Warangal in Andhra Pradesh), Sinnar and Chandur in Nasik district, Hoysala Yadava :- Halebidu (Dwarkasamudra), Sindkhed Raja, Seuna
Mantra: Panchakshari (five syllable) mantra
Colour of throne, sign, horse and canopy: Yellow *Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on Flagpole *Devak: Umbar Tree, ( Ficus racemosa Tree ), Saundad vell *Veda: Rigveda *Gotra: Dhampal
Surnames: Amrute, Anjire, Adhok, Apradhe, Aware, Aabhare, Upadhyay, Udre, Uooghade, Kabade, Kadlag, Karpate, Kawtuke, Kapot, Kalwar, Kambelkar, Katwate, Kanphate, Kamte, Kukse, Kukur, Kuruwanshee, Kokre, Kauraw, Kharale, Kharsane, Khartade, Khadang, Khambate, Khanzode, Khadwad, Khobre, Lahane, Garud, Gireeje, Gujwade, Gobre, Gharat, Ghag, Ghogle, Ghogale, Ghone, Chandle, Chatk, Chikeetmak, Chandeep, Chinchote, Chise, Chitte, Chinchal, Chinchole, Chetdeep, Jaswant, Jagpal, Jamb, Jambuwant, Jamdar, Jalandhar, Jalindhare, Jare, Joggle, Tilak, Thunge, Dawlee, Dhawalkar, Dhambe, Dhole, Tanpure, Tagde, Tape, Tapowane, Talwaneekar, Tawte, Tupe, Turinge, Thatte, Darphale, Darne, Dalu, Dhighate, Diwe, Diwse, Didmide, Dune, Dudhneekar, Dewneekar, Devraw, Devdal, Desai, Dharat, Dhampal, Dhund, Dhumak, Dhurandhar, Dhondse, Mankar,Nand, Nabudddhe, Nanwte, Nagle, Nirmare, Pramde, Parwad, Prabhu, Paharao, Patel, Patwleekar, Pile, Pilunj, Pudhale, Pudharee, Pund, Purohit, Phaniram, Balwant, Balwtar, Bahaddar, Ballal, Basikar, Baleebhdra, Baleeraj, Bartakke, Balherkar, Bute, Bugul, Benkar, Botale, Bother, Botdhare, Bogne, Bhatane, Bhanwase, Bhingarkar, Bhutdhare, Bhongsate, Breed, Makhmale, Murudeskar, Madhavman, Ghorpade, Muthbal, Mukul, Mulgawkar, Mothe, Mohre, Yamyaksh, Yashyant, Yadav, Yageet, Yogle, Rajne, Ranmale, Wangal, Warhate, Wadhale, Watode, Watadkar,Virdi, Wisre, Shewte, Shelke, Sase, Saste, Sawad, Satham, Sangade, Sirbor Alias Sargor, Surte, Suhsen, Sontakke, Senapati, Haygreev, Haygay, Hunge, Lokare. (Total 172)

Surnames: Aghade, Kawas, Karskar, Karinde, Kawlkar, Kireet, Parab, Keerdatta, Kochrekar, Khare, Kharkar, Khiratkar, Godbole, Jangam, Jangee, Janjal, Dahage, Dolhare, Denk, Dolkate, Dolekar, Narkhede, Wankse, Bambl, Mirase, Balkar, Tajele, Tatge, Tadge, Dhodhanee, Nagde, Padal, Pant, Patwde, Parag, Burangee, Bhatale, Wikhe, Widehee, Widhoor. (Total 42)
devak = panch palavi

Vikhe :- Padmashree Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Vill. Astagaon, Distt. Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) , Shri Eknathrao Vikhe Patil, fondly known as Shri Balasaheb Vikhe Patil MLA Ahmednagar Lok Sabha Constituency former Cabinet Minister For Heavy Industry & Public Enterprises, Govt. of India .
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Surnames: Arnaw, Awchitrao, Aachrya, Karankar, Kalchuree, Kitukle, Killedar, Kilor, Korpe, Koyte, Kolatkar, Khadankar, Khirad, Gajre, Jagmak, Jagdhane, Jagl, Zinzurde, Dambale, Dongarkar, Baghel, Bajare, Balskar, Bhakre, Baghel, Tadphade, Tanree. (Total 28)

Jagtap , Jat
Lineage: Somavansha (lunar clan), descended from the Somavanshi king Vasusena
Original kingdom: Bharatpur
Colour of sign, canopy, horse and throne: Dhawale (white)
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Ganapati on flagpole*Clan deity (Kuladaivat): Khanderao *Clan object (Devak): Umbar (Ficus racemosa Tree), Pimpal tree (Ficus religiosa Linn tree) or Kalamb (Mytragyna parviflora Tree OR Anthocephalus envamba Tree)
Guru: Dalabhyarishi *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Aawte, Ameere, Etape, Kabre, Katedhar, Kashinde, Kumre, Korde, Korkar, Khambeer, Khambarkar, Gadekar, Chaprakhe, Jakate, Jagjaheer, Jagdeesh, Jagmitra, Zangde, Dhale, Dhisal, Tams, Disrat, Dukh, Durjar, Dombe, Dongarwate, Duble, Devbadle, Dholap, Nagad, Nimse, Pathan, Pathar, Padekar, Padghare, Pade, Padwe, Bawle, Warhate, Yewle, Ransing, Baeed, Walunj, Bayale, Waze, Wisale, Sange, Sabhare, Sagole, Surkar, Dhende, Nave, Navlakhe, Nagshule, Balee, Bahatare, Shamkarna. (Total 59)
Harjiraje jagtap deshmukh is mulepurush of jagtap clan.

Saswad city near Pune city is main town where Jagtap clan can be found in good numbers. Jagtap clan found in good number in Pandare town near to Baramati having roots from Saswad. *Late Boburao Ganpatrao Jagtap Pune city Mayor in 1962.JAGTAP CLAN CAN FOUND IN GOOD NUMBERS

Kale (Deshmukh)
Surnames: Awasare, Apse, Amaldar, Aatmande, Aathawle, Ambole, Kalakunbi, Kalamore, Kalbhairaw, Kalsarp, Kal, Kamble, Kawde, Kajalkar, Kurup, Kunchmkar, Kotwal, Kalmegh, Kalbhoj, Kalke, Khanderao, Khanjeere, Dapre, Tathade, Tekhe, Jabane, Jambe, Jayant, Jaypatre, Jumde, Telharkar, Dani, Barsakade, Bobde, Bhambere, Rothe, Badskar, Shitre, Waked. (Total 40)
Shree Shankarrao Kale MLA 235 - Kopargaon Assembly Constituency

Rashin in a'nagar dist. in maharashtra main village of kale deshmukh one of their family went to chhattisgarh and they were given title dani and from their on they were called dani .mr.ganpatrao dani was member of parliament(MP) and was also chairman of madhyapradesh social commietee. J.R.Dani was founder of Dani girls school in raipur first girls school in raipur.

Kalmukh/ Kalamkar
Another name for the Kale clan

Lineage: Suryavansha*Original seat: Ayodhyapattan (Ayodhya)
Colour of sign, canopy, horse and throne: Twin colours *Colour of horse: White
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on flagpole
Clan god (Kuldaivat): Prabhakar *Clan object (Devak): Pancha-pallava (Five leaf), Suryakant (Sunflower), Kamal (lotus) Umbar, Kalamb
Guru: Vasishtha *Gotra: Kalmukh *Veda: Yajurveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra.

Kalachuri (Kachare, Chedi, Chedi Kingdom or Heheya Kingdom )
Another name for the Kale clan

Original seat: Teur ( Tumman (presently Tuman) OR Ratanpur in Chhattisgarh state ??)
Colour of sign, canopy, horse and throne: Twin colours (Red and Yellow)
Colour of horse: White
Clan god (Kuladaivat): Brahmanath *Clan object (Devak): Wing of the Bharadwaja bird
Guru: Kapila rishi *Gotra: Kalchuri *Mantra: Gayatri mantra

Surnames: Amalpure, Aawtarkar, Aepatdar, Ongal, Ongale, Angmode, Karjbhanjne, Kardhamare, Kahurkar, Kature, Karekar, Kawine, Kanherkar, Kelkar, Gore, Gode, Jage, Jange, Jagre, Jache, Dikkar, Damre, Dahane, Dalmale, Dahule, Bawner, Badalkar, Sayande, Beejwade, Bijagare, Phavade Arandkar. (Total 32)
In Purandar village Pangare & Baramati taluka village Nimbut. In Pune district and city Kakade clan is in good number, Also in Jalgaon District Taluka Bodwad there is a village Chickhali where Kakade dwell.
Gotra = Koudinya
vansh = Suryavanshi

Kardam, Kadam, Kadambas, Kalhapure
Lineage: Suryavansha alias Solar clan, descended from the Suryavanshi king Kadam
Original kingdom: Kedar (Kandahar in present-day Afghanistan)
Second kingdom: Vanwas (Banavasi in Karnataka)
Third kingdom: Palshika (Halasi in Karnataka)
Fourth kingdom: Gopapattan (Goa)
Colour of sign, canopy, horse and throne: Red clour
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Sun on flagpole
Clan god (Kuladaivat): Jyotiba and Bijasani Devi
Clan goddess (Kuladaivat): Tulja Bhavani janani devi kuduk,mandangad,ratnagiri (maharashtra).
Clan object (Devak): Gold, Halad (Turmeric Root or Curcuma Root), Ketaki (Pandanus odoratissimus OR Fragrant screw pine) and Kalamba(Mytragyna parviflora Tree OR Anthocephalus envamba Tree)
Guru: Durvasa rushi
Gotra: Kashyapa
Veda: Rigveda
Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames: Akhand, Akhade, Aghate, Arekar, Aawanle, Breed, Kadam, Kajle, Kawale, Kalamb, Kalge, Kalak, Karle, Kanwa, Kalpadrupam, Kuwal, Kulkarni, Kolhe, Khadupe,Gagul, Gatode, Ghade, Ghode, Ghorde, Jayjune, Doijad, Takte, Taktake, Takdewade, Dewar, Dhadshirke, Dhukate, Dhutre, Dhul, Dhudhad, Nawre, Nupre, Wadke, Ghame, Bares, Balekar, Barbudhhe, Birath, Bobsate, Borate, Bother, Bothe, Bhase, Bhalekar, Mise, Miraslagde, Munge, Mahipal, Raigade (Raygade), Warade, Banwe, Sogde, Hire, Nupure, Nighot, Nighut, Nigudkar, Nhyre, Bal, Mungale, Rangnakar, Gate.
Kadam Maratha royal clans main village is Sap ( tal-koregaon,satara ).Their royal personalities present in gwalior and also spread into other region.Kadam possesses Tital as Jahagirdar like a king.They have their good relations with other prominent Marathas.
Information link for this clan :- Kadam, Kadambas
Kadam :-
Padmbhushan Dr. Vasantrao(Dada) Banduji Kadam-Patil Sangli Ex CM, Maharashtra, Ex Governor of Rajastan state. Dr. Patangrao Shripatrao Kadam Minister for Industries, Trade & Commerce and Parliamentary affairs. Chairman - MIDC Maharashtra state. MLA from 270 - Bhilwadi Wangi Assembly Constituency in Sangli.Honourable Dr. Patangrao Kadam has Founded the Esteemed Educational Institute - Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune., at a young age, on 10 May 1964. He was born on 8 January 1944 in a farmer's family, in rural area of Maharashtra, India.

Link :-
Kolhe Shankarrao Genuji MLA Kopargaon
Bhausaheb Hire MLA Jalgaon District
Chimanrao Kadam from Girvi,Former MLA of Phaltan,Dist-Satara.
(Total 67)

Lineage: Guruvansha Original kingdom: Vidarbha, Burhanpur, Hoshiarpur

Colour of sign, canopy and throne: Saffron *sign (Nishan): Trishul on flagpole
Clan god: :Dattatreya
Clan goddess: Durga, Bhavani
Gotra: Vasishtha, Atri Veda: Samaveda *Mantra: Rudra mantra, Guru mantra
Surnames: Awadhiye, Awtare, Kothari, Kothiwan, Kalpande, Khade, Khedkar, Khelkar, Khupshe, Khushamate, Chopade, Jagdewrai, Jatane, Jate, Jikka, Jitkhor, Thombre, Jiddakhor, Dahake, Dike, Doles, Dibre, Dhomsode, Patangrao, Pujari, Patharkar, Payole, Palote, Patkar, Piple, Bawne, Pachkor, Bodade, Mukund, Raipure, Wakhare, Wakhwakhe, Watsaraj, Sonone, Hage. (Total 41)
Chopade's are there in Nashik district of Maharashtra. Majority of them are in LONWADI, Niphad Taluka

Origin: 16th century Place of origin: Sangol, Solapur

Kul Daivat: Siddhnath (bhairava), Kharsundi, Maharashtra

Surnames: Aadkine, Kalmkar, Kohle, Kesarkar, Khillare, Kharal, Khandar, Jibhle, Jineshwar, Chingare, Juyte, Jugle, Dhake, Nakhate, Namale, Nakaskar, Zurmane, Zulne, Zole, Namalkar, Nartar, Nistane, Nilkhan, Pawhare, Parwan, Pimpalshende, Patre, Puralkar, Payghan, Pachmohor, Paraskar, Pahpal, Pachbhai, Pardhee. (Total 35)
Khadtare clan is distributed all over Maharastra, Mostly in west and south Maharastra.
Info Link :- 1)

Surnames: Aoudumbar, Aourangpure, Karkude, Kating, Knothole, Karu, Khedule, Khairnar, Take, Tapore, Tawale, Dikale, Dawhale, Dakhore, Dakhare, Dighol, Dakule, Dikkar, Damre, Zake, Dharange, Junwate, Junnare, Junwade, Jepale, Dhawas, Dhandhare, Nafhade, Nale, Nehte, Parkhee, Banweer, Barkad. (Total 36)
Historical devotee of god Khandoba Kaire (Patil) of Supa, Supe village in Baramati district were from this clan.
Shree Chandrakant Khaire MLA from Aurangabad city.

Surnames: Ambone, Ambate, Ambatkar, Karket, Kadaskar, Karnatake, Kanfhade, Kedhe, Kaikadi, Kotyadhish, Kolse, Koranne, Kolne, Jatmukhatyar, Jatyandha, Jabhade, Jarte, Jetherao, Dhole, Dhage, Bachal, Bonde, Mantkar, Meghe, Warne. (Total 26)

Lineage: Somavansha (Moon clan)
Original kingdom: Kathiawad, Kaccha (Cutch/Kutch) (both in Gujarat); Sindh (now in Pakistan)
Colour of sign, canopy, horse and throne: White *Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon On Flagpole
Clan Goddess: Bhavanikalamma devi (dhamovade) *Clan Object (Devak): Vasundari Vell
Guru: Vashishta *Gotra: Chavan *Veda: Rigveda*Mantra: Gayatri Mantra
Surnames: Avatarik, Indra, Banekar, Indire, Umbre, Udar, Karmathe, Kagde, Kutte, Gadve, Grime, Gijre, Gujguje, Talokar, Dandekar, Dhanik, Dhaval, Dhisal, Dhikat, Dhire, Nare, Nasne, Nagpe, Pateel, Dheer, Pateedar, Parbhe, Palpate, Petel, Peve, Fhating, Fhanindra, Fhanivba, Bakal, Balod, Shrbhatta, Mahakul, Marmare, Marwadee, Mandve, Mapar, Mavalne, Manpoorkar, Mahoorkar, Masrang, Mohile, Redkar, Raool, Latal, Langote, Vasu, Valode, Shelkee, Sasane, Suseer, Teekhe, Titve, Teethraraj(total62)

Surnames: Gujarkar, Devdhagale, Fharkadhe, Basode, Badare, Bahakar, Bondare, Madhukar, Maskar, Marudkar, Mate, Mokashee, Maidkar, Yermule, Revade, Lodhe, Bigvale, Shaildhar, Hule, Hemke. (Total 21)

Surnames: Zatale, Zalke, Zate, Zapre, Devtare, Phatare, Badare, Balak, Badree, Bopke, Mokote, Bhete, Morabh, Morande, Regude, Rage, Lohe, Lonkar, Bakhare, Viraj, Shatpal, Shirgaur, Hutake, Hursad, Hupate. (Total 26)

Original kingdom: Mandeesar (Mandisar in Afghanistan??) and Dwarka (Gujarat)
Colour of throne, sign, horse, canopy: Red
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Rudra on flagpole*Clan Gods : Bhavani and Khanderao *Clan object (Devak): Garud-vell (wing of eagle)
Guru: Garga rishi *Gotra: Chandela *Veda: Rigveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames: Anant, Aachate, Kawade, Gudhane, Chandelveer, Chute, Chumke, Charade, Teerokar, Devmane, Dudrer, Dhanwadharee, Nanekar, Pawle, Pharpate, Phatkal, Barde, Badkhal, Borge, Mane, Malee, Mandokar, Makhare, Medhe, Mond, Rajmany, Rekhe, Rohankar, Lade, Lokegawkar, Livaskar, Hingankar, Dhanwantar, Dhanpishaccha, Badsure, Bahikhor, Talakhe, Taboble, Talase. (Total 41)
Smt. Nivedita Mane MLA NCP Ichalkaranji (Maharashtra )
Mhaswad town in Satara district is main center for Mane clan. Mane's from Mhaswad are famous.
Wrestler Hindkesari Shree Maruti Mane.
Journalist - Shrimant Mane from Akola, Nagpur (Resident Editor Daily Deshonnati and Editor Coordination Weekly Krushkonnati)
Weight lifter Ujwala Uttamrao Mane Common wealth Silver medalist & world police game gold medalist(satara).
Basket Ball Pradnya Uttamrao Mane(satara) captioned Indian Basket ball team .
Telecommunications Amol Mohan Mane of Islampur(Sangli) Is well known Wi_Fi Engineer.

Surnames: Gowarkar, Gowar, Dipe, Bodkar, Zudpe, Zure, Talkute, Bathale, Denarkar, Mhatarmare, Mangde, Makone, Mawde, Matere, Manmode, Marmare, Sole, Sonwane, Sorote, Hadpee, Halde, Hasnapure, Hade, Hawre, Hapse. (Total 27)
Grate Lionheart , Sardar of King Shivaji and the hero of salvation war on fort Sinhagad (old name Kondhana), Brave heart Shree Tanaji Malusare was from this clan.

Mahadik (Hyadik?)
Original kingdom: Chittoud (in Rajastan) and Bagalkot in Karnataka
Colour of throne, sign & horse: Bhagawa (Ochre)
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Rudra on flagpole,
Clan goddess (Kuladaivat): Kathyayini *Clan object (Devak): Pimpal (the peepul tree),
Guru: Malyavant rishi *Gotra: Dorik *Veda: Rigveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra.
Surnames:- Gawalee, Gauree, Ghanghor, Ghansham, Ghayal, Dhanakar, Dhawat, Dhugulkar, Bandivdekar, Mahadkar, Malsane, Matekar, Makumiya, Makde, Mathankar, Malekar, Missal, Metkar, Ransinh, Ranpees, Ranrakshya, Ranboke, Rautraw, Sonar, Soleev, Haye, Hallamare, Hagone. (Total 32)

Surnames: Gokhare, Zodpe, Zote, Zoting, Zodane, Tapre, Date, Danad, Dheetak, Mahakulkar, Manjre, Mandawgade, Santakke, Hadkar, Halkare, Hatye, Hambarde, Hatole. (Total 19)

Surnames: Gond, Gondchav, Gaurkar, Ghadreegawkar, Tange, Tongale, Tolmare, Malokar, Mange, Malkute, Sonekar, Sonkar, sunkar, Sonsare, Haranbuchake, Hasbobda, Hargude, Hadke, Ratale, Dave, Davagni, Davedar, Das, Dahake, Hande, Hatolne. (Total 26)

Maurya /Morey/Moray /More/
Lineage: Somavansha, descended from the Somavanshi king More of Kashmir,
City: Kashmir and Mauryakhanda
Colour of sign & horse: Green, *Heraldic sign (Nishan): Hanuman on flagpole,
Clan god: Ganapati (Ganesha)/Jyotiba(Shankar), Clan Goddess : Shrivardhini/Ramvardayini(Shakti)*Clan Object (Devak): Peacock wings or 360 lamps
Guru: Gautama *Gotra: Bharadwaj *Veda: Yajurveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames: Avachar, Amaya, Amadabadkar, Adhachar, Avachare, Avichare, Kasture, Aagavan, Aavle, Aadvale, Inshoolkar, Esalampoorkar, Karan, Kalshate, Kaduskar, Kaypate, Karankhare, Kagal, Keskar, Kandle, Kale, Kirne, Kumbhakarn, Keshar, Keskar, Kesree, Khavle, Gande, Gole, Charne, Chatre, Chinchadharkar, Jitekar, Zinge, Zirpe, Dhokre, Tambe, Darekar, Davlatraw, Digambare, Divte, Duduskar, Devkar, Devhare, Devrukh, Dorik, Dhirde, Dhulap, Navre, Narnavre, Nagve, Nipse, Nimle, Nimittanere, Padvale, Padile, Barad, Pangir, Bahadure, Bhramhachalk, Bhamte, Bhurke, Bhaere, Bhople, Mandikar, Mardemanuke, Mhase, Mansavant, Mhakamakale, Madhol, Meng, Morbhe, Bhokre, Raste, Kav, Raje, Ravle, Rakhane, Rajmunde, Lal, Lendpawar, Vavde, Vaghul, Vayal, Shaha, Shivle, Shelke, Sane, Sovle, Sakanshe, Sand, Songire, Hatne, Hatore, Hingode, Hurde, Shahjoge, Huddedar, Humne, Bhuere, Bhumar, Bhute, Sarkate. (Total 106)
See :- Category:Mauryan dynasty
Jawali in Satara district ( ? ) was another main center for More clan . Chandrarao More was prominent More. He had disputes with king Sivaji as he had declared himself as the king of Jawali region,that extended from Wai,Satara towards the konkan region of Raigad district right upto the seacoast of Shrivardhan.The Mahadev temple of HareHareshwar was patronised byChandrarao Morey. The fort of Rairi present day Raigad was in the possession of More's at that time. They are famous as " Jawali che More ".
Another house of Morey's of Vardhangad near Koregaon in Satara was also famous as vatandars of the region,which was surrendered after the war of Jawali.Presently Shri Amarsinh( Shivkumar ) Ramesh Morey a senior merchant naval officer & Shri Sanjay Moray(businessman & politician) are easily trackable & well known descendants from Vardhangad branch of Moray's who have settled in Pune(Rastha Pet) city.
More clan in Pune district is well known from town Dehu. The great Marathi saint, Vaikunthvasi Tukaram Bolhoba More, fondly known as Sant Tukaram, is from this clan.
King Chandragupta Maurya , King Ashoka Maurya of Patliputra presently(Patna Bihar).
Moray were known as "Moria" the rulers of th Konkan area around 500 AD.To know more visit ebook - Shivaji & his times at :'s+war+history&source=web&ots=3t0KdVOE8h&sig=3VbSbcvb4p_F0r5Pz3s-RKgdacc&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=3&ct=result#PPA35,M1ShivM (talk) 17:28, 1 October 2008 (UTC)

Original kingdom: Mandeesar, Talbid Karaad, Mharashtra ?
Clan goddess: Khanderao or jyotiba ? Ghrushneshwar ( Shiva) Its a Jyotirlinga near Ellora Caves Dist Aurangabad Maharashtra.
Devak: Vasansadi Vel
Guru: Garga rishi
Gotra: Vasishta
Kuli: Chavan
Sign: White
Horse: White
Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames: Aage, Kate, Katkar, Kamre, Kulangade, Khandale, Gangdhenge, Dhekne, Takte, Dindune, Dhundle, Nivdung, Patle, Bahale, Baedinge, Bobhate, Bhore, Bhaleraw, Marathe, Mohod, Senapatee, Hone. (Total 23)
Commander in Chief of Maratha Army(Sarsenapati) : Hambirrao Mohite Patil the great often referred as 'Dhanya Wagh'? His descendents leave in Talbid. The family is known as Baji Mohite from Talbid.
Major General Hanmantrao Mohite
Shree Vijaysinh Mohite-Patil Minister Public Works Department (PWD) Maharashtra State. MLA from Akluj township in Solapur district
Link :-
Shri Diliprao Mohite MLA Khed Maharastra
Shri Subodhrao Mohite MLA Ramtek (Maharashtra)
Shri Dhondiram Mahadeo Mohite Mohityanche Vadgaon Dist: Sangli, Maharashtra The founder of only man-made sanctuary "Sagareshwar Abhayaranya" in India.

Nalawde (Nal), Nala
Original kingdom: Pushkari (near modern Umarkot in Madhya Pradesh State was the capital of Nala ) Prabhalkhand (Prabhas Patan near Somnath in Gujarat)
Colour of sign, throne & canopy: Green *Colour of horse: Red
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Rudra on flagpole
Clan god: Jyotirlingam *Clan object (Devak): Nagchafha
Guru: Durvasa rishi *Gotra: Anang *Veda: Yajurveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Nalawde, Nalawade, Ulge, Ubrale, Gede, Chatre, Channe, Parle, Dhadshirkar, Dhawalkar, Nalge, Pardhe, Bansode, Bundle, Malw, Mawle, Rakhde, Jramade, Badkhale, Wachake. (Total 23)
Nalawde :- are good number in Pune district. Pune city Mayor Late Ganpatrao Nalawde.
See :- Damayanti

Surnames: Arbat, Gadhe, Gorle, Gochide, Golhar, Dhive, Dhose, Badle, Borekar, Bharambe, Bhisanhare, Rud, Mahalaha, Mankhaire, Morkhade, Modak, Morse, Yelekar, Yekle, Raked, Rawankar, Raks Alis Rakshak, Sarap. (Total 25)

Lineage: Suryavansha or solar clan, descended from the Suryavanshi king Nikam
Original kingdom: Karnataka
Colour of throne, canopy & sign: Green
Colour of horse: Yellow
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Hanuman on Flagpole
Clan goddess (Kuladaivat): Jogeshwari
Clan object (Devak): Umbar, Velu, Rudraksha chain of Gold or Onion chain
Guru: Parashara
Gotra: Nikam
Veda: Yajurveda
Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames: Akolkar, Awtade, Bade, Banker, Barekar, Barge, Bawankar, Bhojne, Chawde, Chimne, Chinge, Dandge, Dankne, Dhamde, Dhapse, Dharso, Dharte, Dhawre, Dhrgade, Dongre, Gajmal, Gale, Gang, Gidde, Gonk, Gudhe, Gune, Hakne, Hawilhanday, Jale, Jiwnik, Kalale, Kalokhe, Kank, Kankale, Kanknarayan, Khalate, Kudare, Kumbh, Masake, Matarmak, Matsagar, Narkhamb, Naudhare, Navratne, Navrse, Nichve, Nikde, Parvatrao, Pimpalkarad, Pubele, Rakte, Randhwne, Sable, Samke, Sarak, Sarate, Sawle, Take, Tatke, Timble, Tryambke, Vananar. (Total 62)
The "Khalate" surname are found in "Late","Khunte","Shirasane", and ""Kambaleshwar" villages of Satara and Pune district. The "Matsagar" surname has been changed from the original surname "Nikam" after a tale about unity shown by a group of people in killing a man-eater snake. Mat (मत) stands for 'opinion' in Marathi language, whereas Sāgar (सागर) stands for 'Ocean'; thereby मतसागर signifies collection (unity) of opinions for a good cause! These community people are found in the two neighboring villages in Vaijapur taluka namely Jarul and Aaghur, in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra; and in Niphad taluka namely Pimplas, in Nasik district of Maharashtra. Therefore, the marriages between two families from Matsagar and Nikam are never happen.

Surnames: Gotmale, Gomase, Gonkare, Devrung, Nihal, Malwar, Yemde, Raghushe, Raghuvansha, Rakhamal, Rajurkar, Rairuddha, Rajooskar, Rajankar. (Total 15)

Pawar, Ponwar, Paramara
Main clan male: Agnipalak, Parmarvarma
Lineage: Agnivanshi
Original kingdom: Dharanagar (Dhar city in Madhya Pradesh) and Paygad
Current kingdoms: Dewas, Dhar, Rajgarh, Chhatarpur, Phaltan
Colour of sign, canopy and throne: Red *Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on flagpole
Clan goddess: Jagadambika, Bhadrakali( God Bramha ordered to Agnipalak that alwayas worship Bhadrakali), Bhavani( In Tuljapur there is a copper plate on temple door wall that one of Pawar king came to Tuljapur and praised goddess.), Saraswati(Raja Bhoj who brought Sansctit language from heaven to earth.)) *Clan object (Devak): Edge of the sword or Kalamba (Mytragyna parviflora Tree OR Anthocephalus envamba Tree)
Guru: and *Gotra:Vasishtha *Veda: Rigveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
The legindary Dhar city in Madhya Pradesh is capital of Pawar clan.
A) Aambote, Gondal, Ubade, Odhe, Kanse, Kalaskar, Kalge, Kodge, Kodhe, Kaustubhe, Kharnar, Ghugre, Chandne, Jagdale (derived from jagadamba),Jeve, Aamedkar, Dunkhare, Dalpe, Dukhande, Durwe, Dhavale, Dharrao, Nalkande, Nimbalkar, Wargad, Roundhal, Dalvi, Ghosalkar,Gawde --- These are Vashishtha Gotree, Gotra Pramar.
B) Parmar, Patya, Mandbhawar, Bane, Band, Banghade, Bhalghade, Bagmode, Bodhe, Bhayal, Bhujbal, Bhusare, Male, Madhe, Marmare, Malwde, Yande, Rokde, Rokade, Landge, Yogeshwar, Yojite, Wagchaure, Bagje, Vishwasrao, Sindheel, Khajeendar, Zunjarrao, Kawade. (Total 50)
Dalvi rulers of Paramara lineage
Shrimant Jaswantrao Dalvi was the Raja of Palvan Sansthan at time of the Shivaji Maharaj era (1662).He was the best friend of Shirke Raja of Shrungarpure. Pesent day this location come under the Mandangad tahasil in Ratnagiri District. This dalvi family are the migrated from royal Parmara family of Dhar.Most of the family of this lineage have social honor as Khot. Present day Dalvi's of Soveli, Palvani, Nighavani, Dudhere, Dahagao; Pawar's of Bhamghar, Sakhri; Ghosalkar's of Ghosale are comes under the Dharpawar kuli, tharefore this family are not marriage each other.

More information link for Pawar clan :-
Kalika temple Dhar: 22°35′53″N 75°16′57″E / 22.59806, 75.282435
Dewas senior :-
Dewas Junior :-
Dhar :-
Phaltan :-

Pratihara, Parihara
Surnames: Achyut, Eando, Gohmare, Gondre, Dagadghaw, Nival, Pavitrakar, Matampure, Mamtkar, Rasemar, Raykar, Rakhonde. (Total 16)
There are a lot of Jagdale's who use the surname Pawar in Konkan

Surnames: Aayachit, Arvind, Edhale, Dalwe, Dabhane, Dapurkar, Rahudkar, Rangankar, Rajpoot,Pansare (Total 10)

Surnames: Patole, Ghate, Ghumre, Dhahapute, Nagwade, Nandurkar, Nagmode, Matekar, Nishan, Nimkhele, Pahokar, Pande, Pandhre, Pakhande, Parte, Patkar, Pateekhade, Pandkar, Rahate, Randive, Rayne. (Total 21)


Another name for the Pathare clan

Lineage: Suryavansha, descended from the Suryavanshi king Proktat *Original seat: Bharatpur
Colour of sign, canopy and throne: Green *Colour of horse: Red *Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on flagpole
Clan goddess: Bhavani *Clan object: Pancha-pallava (Five Leaf)*Guru: Angirasa rishi *Gotra: Proktat.
Surnames: Khadke, Ghadke, Gharad, Ghyahar, Ghule, Narke, Narkade, Nakade, Nazeerkar, Nandre, Nage, Nath, Nadir, Niklank, Nichit, Nikhade, Pakhare, Belokar, Mai, Rairaw, Rasam, Hingane. (Total 24)

Palwe, Pallava, Pallavas
Original Kingdom & Seat :- Kanchi (In Tamil Nadu state )
Surnames: Khale, Khugkar, Ghute, Ghulaksha, Ghogre, Ghotekar, Thube, Thokne, Dale, Nile, Palav, Pradhan, Pinjaree, Pughati, Lawde, Lande, Lawe, Lind, Luhube, Saraw, Saraladkar, Sardeshmukh, Sardesai, Sambhor, Samlende, Sidore, Suroshe, Sutar, Sumre, Samete, Sabhashur.
Information link for this clan :- Pallavas
(Total 32)

Surnames: Palande,Umbarkar, Udapure, Khuje, Khorgade, Khallere, Khot, Gawhad, Dhokel, Ghorpade, Thokal, Bagre, Bhale, Marawagde, Lithare, Lakhe, Lambdadhe, Laghawe, Lele, Lalye, Wasrke, Wyawhare, Siraskar, Satane, Sabde, Sundarkar, Surte, Soor, Susadkar, Sarodee, Sayad, Sarnaik, Sawarkar, Sabne, Suje, Samale, Sakre, Sawre, Sekapure, Sodre, Satej, Satele. (Total 42)

Surnames: Khapre, Khedde, Khawand, Gawankar, Dhongde, Dhonge, Dhame, Pingle, Lasurkar, Wairkar, Sade, Sanchare, Sawal, Sakude, Sawe, Sakharpande, Sakharkarkar, Sarokar, Sikare, Suke, Surese, Sukosk, Sengokar, Zatke, Nitambe, Nithale, Nirmal. (Total 28)

Surnames: Khalke, Khekde, Garad, Rawre, Ghodmare, Ghodtonde, Ghodmode, Ghodel, Thokane, Bhinge, Bhorkad, Maind, Lakde, Rajoorkar, Latwe, Lipse, Likhirkar, Mhepse, Wadal, Wanchar, Sakchar, Sangrame, Sachite, Sarjerao, Sadafhal, Samgaur, Sawkar, Sayre, Sirpelkar, Singne, Sule, Supekar, Subhedar, Surpal, Surerkar, Zatpade, Nivedak, Neele, Sushte. (Total 40)
Many pisal marathas are found in khandala Tehsil,satara.Bawdhan is main village where Pisal's are present in many number.
Mr.Madanrao pisal.( former MLA,Minister of Maharashtra )

Surnames: Khonde, Khode, Gawhankar, Gadam, Gandkate, Garmole, Geete, Gine, Golhar, Chamithaniha, Naringe, Padul, Pakhalee, Pathare, Phadtare, Phadnees, Waghol, Bharke, Bhekde, Bhed, Bholne, Bhasakshyetree, Labhade, Likhe, Whable, Waghole, Shivtare, Shingode, Shingade, Shelar, Zadpe, Zare. (Total 34)
Phadtare :- Phadtare clan is in good number in Purandhar - Village Bopgaon.

Surnames: Khokle, Khodke, Chanorkar, Chalk, Talole, Nakhale, Padnepatange, Palsudkar, Fhalke, Bujruk, Bandook, Bhatkar, Bhadolkar, Bhaise, Bhokse, Maral, Rothe, Rakhaviye, Ringne, Rithe, Rode, Reenke, Wasekar, Pandhare, Shirsath, Tilskar, Sivankar, Shiledar, Shirastedar. (Total 35)

Surnames: Girsawle, Chakol, Chawre, Chandekar, Chavat, Chore, Chorale, Tarkale, Narkale, Nichak, Padade, Pahanpate, Panchdhare, Benale, Budhe, Bhange, Bharne, Bhadange, Bhoskar, Manvar, Lakhawe, Waykhale, Wadwad, Bagmode, Shingokar, Shingare, Shingne, Shete, Shejal, Takmode, Tandele, Tapte, Tarke. (Total 34)

Surnames: Ambade, Andhoorkar, Kate, Kolkhade, Khote, Girkar, Gondol, Gursal, Gondhalee, Parvatkar, Dhapte, Dhamore, Ghare, Changole, Chafhale, Chambhare, Chorghe, Chokhalkar, Dhawlee, Dobade, Dhome, Turuk, Naraje, Namore, Nagpure, Nagwde, Nathe, Nimborkar, Nikase, Parhar, Parimal, Pagrut, Fhatak, Baghate, Bhakte, Bhadang, Mate, Madandhe, Mathakar, Miskane, Radake, Raigad, Lagad, Lahool, Lider, Levade, Vandale, Varekar, Vatkar, Vyadade, Vyatkar, Vadade, Vadhonkar, Vadhodkar, Varang, Sarodee, Sankar, Sangulwedhe, Simbare. (Total 50)

Rathod / Rashtrakuta / Rothe
Lineage: Somavansha (lunar clan), descended from the Somavanshi king Rashtrakuta
Original kingdom: Bankapur, Manyakheta (Malkhed) and Sugandavati (Saundatti), all in Karnataka,Manpur- Man in Satara district, Nandeevardhan, Achalpur, Latur .
Colour of throne, sign, horse and canopy: Red
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on flagpole
Clan goddess: Jogeshwari *Clan object: Shankha (Conch-shell)
Guru: Gargacharya *Mantra: Gayatri mantra *Gotra: Rathod*Veda: Yajurveda
Surnames: Ajinkya, Anangpal, Avagpal, Aabhore, Gandgagrr, Gandghopal, Chand, Chandkiran, Chandol, Jagnnivas, Todmale, Dutonde, Dudhbhate, Dudhare, Panchnan, Bagul, Bhale, Bhor, Magmal, Marathe, Maharashtrarath, Rayjade, Lahule, Sinmore, Divale, Didhe, Dikpal, reddy, reddi, raddy, rattugudi, rattodi, rattadi.
Information link for this clan :- *Rashtrakutas

Rashtrakuta / Rathod / Rothe
Lineage: Somavansha (lunar clan), descended from the Somavanshi king Rashtrakuta
Original kingdom: Bankapur, Manyakheta (Malkhed) and Sugandavati (Saundatti), all in Karnataka
Colour of throne, sign, horse and canopy: Red colour
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on flagpole
Clan goddess:Jogeshwari *Clan object: Shankha (Conch-shell)
Guru: Gargacharya*Mantra: Gayatri mantra *Gotra: Rathod*Veda: Yajurveda
Surnames: Kanchan, Kaurmi, Kautuke, Tope, Dwikhand, Dwifhod, Dubhane, Daghe, Devbhane, Devkate, Mahattar, Malke, Malik, Musmare, Mehttare, Lampeete, Dehdande, Dwaitya, Dhadse.
Information link for this clan :- *Rashtrakutas
(Total 29)

Chandle, Chandela
Bhramwanshi king Chandle
City :- Dwarka, * Throne , Canopy ,Sighn & Horse:- Red, * Rudra on Flagepole, *Clan daiety :- Vishnunarayan, * Devak (Clan object) :- Wing of Egale bird or Kadamb Tree (Anthocephalus indicus Tree), * Guru :- Mujalmuni, *Gotra :- Chandle, *Veda :- Yajurveda, * Mantra :- Gayatri Mantra.
Surnames :- Mane, Dabhade, Dhamale, Garud, Dhanik, Kawdhe

Rane, Rana
Lineage: Suryavansha (solar clan), descended from the Suryavanshi king Sudhanwa
Original kingdom: Udaipur (in Rajasthan)
Colour of throne and canopy: Red
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Sun on flagpole,
Clan deity (Kuladaivat): Maheshwar (Shankar) *Clan object (Devak): wad(Ficus bengalensis) or suryakanta (Sunflower)
Guru: Jamadagni *Gotra: Rana *Veda: Rigveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Eeshaput, Chatre, Chittevan, Chendane, Chedoo, Choukhande, Chourale, Dunedar, Dudhe, Durdhrra, Dupathe, Devmaya, Deshmukh, Pathak, Bhingare, KHANVILKAR, Mangdare, Mule Alias Mulik, Sing Singnvan & rane itself (Total 21)
Shree Vilasrao Deshmukh Chief Minister of Maharashtra (Term: October 2004 - October 2009).
Chife minister of Goa state Shree Pratapsingh Raoji Rane
Mahur ( District Nanded ) :- Last king of Mahur city and great Marathi Author Raje Madhukarrao Jagjeenavrao Deshmukh passed away on 23 Augast 2006. He has a daughter Meenatai Jalnekarand wife Indumati Raje. He was fluent in English, Arabic, Marathi, Sanskrit, Gujarati and Urdu languages. He had written two books "Shikari Raja" and "Shikarnama."
Dr.Panjabrao Deshmukh--social activist and a Farmer's leader in India.

Raut or Raoot
This is the title awarded to the Horse riders at the times of Kings. In the Army of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, there were about 1lakh Rauts. They were much famous for their speed and bravery. Even this title will be found in the Rajputs. Today they are spread all over Maharashtra, Goa, Rajasthan,Punjab, Haryana etc. Most of the Rauts will be found at the base of Panhala Fort (Padal Village) & Also in Thane District. Raut originated from Aryas . Initially they were doing Ruling and protection of Kingdoms, also sometimes these people do pooja like Brahmins . They had given dual role

The all spread in Konkan also. Some of their native places are Kankavali, Kudal, Nerur,Nirom , Vengurla.
Bhandari Raut are different from from Kshatrya Raut.
Surnames: Raut, Easadrrange, Ghaeet, Chatur, Chatake, Chaval, Chabke, Chindarkar, Bate, Bhikaree, Bhalla, Malthane, Manjrekar, Ratnakar, Rasike, Rasal, Raymale, Lone, Sasarkar. (Total 19)

Surnames: Anangveer, Oopase, Gaulkar, Ghodse, Chavle, Chalakh, Chalvale, Chalpe, Chandurkar, Chiktekar, Chokhat, Thakar, Thabee, Thak, Thavre, Dudhade, Devdhe, Bhaisoor, Bhasoor, Bhivankar, Mangulkar, Matle, Kshadang, Shamne, Mohitkar, Modhekar, Viraj, Dharmare, Dharsode, Vichake. (Total 31)

Shilahar , Shelar, Shelor , Silhara dynasty
Lineage: Brahmavansha (also called Yaduvansha or Harivansha),
Original kingdom: Kharepatna and Thane , Kolhapur , Radhanagari , Panhala , Konkan.
Colour of throne, sign, horse and canopy: Yellow
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Hanuman on flagpole
Clan deity (Kuladaivat): Brahmanath *Clan object (Devak): Lotus flower
Guru: Bharadwaja *Gotra: Chulkee *Veda: Yajurveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Kaveemandan, Karhade, Kalkath, Kalekar, Kavre, Dhabadwan, Dhude, Nagle, Pole, Panchpade, Fhunke, Fhuskare, Bhand, Bhagat, Mhatre, Mabade, Mangte, Mire, Bakode, Visaee, Shilar, Shedke, Shedge, Shelke, Shetge, Shelar, Saved, Shelare, Sonevanee, Mahangare, Selar. (Total 32)

Shankhapal (Sankpal)
Original kingdom: Malkhed (in Gulbarga district of Karnataka)
Colour of throne, sign, horse and canopy: Red
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on flagpole
Clan goddess: Jogeshwari
Clan object (Devak): Shankha (Conch shell)
Guru: Gargacharya
Gotra: Agasthi, Gargayan ,Rathod
Veda: Yajurveda-Madhyandin
Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Prawar :- Bhargav ,Chyavan and Aapnavan.
Victory weapon :- Shstrakhand weapon puja.
Guhyasutra :- Paraska
Surnames:-Ambre, Amen, Aaware, Aabe, Aargade, Urade, Kalambe, Chatur, Chaturang, Chaturanan, Chatubhrruj, Joharee, Zunjar, Tatpute, Todkar, Thute, There, Dufhar, Dorkhand, Nalvant, Panpate, Panpate, Pachal, Peche, Pol, Fhukat, Fhonfhare, Dorde, Daulatraw, Dhanmode, Bire, Bhukne, Mirche, Rajhans, Banawar, Vasraj, Sarnobat, Sarawade, Sakhpal, Pofhale, Potfhode, Pyade, Mhasane, Mirge, Pol, Temke, Utekar. (Total 45)

Shinde, Scindia, Sindhia, Sindia, Shingade, shingadia, Sendrak
Lineage: Sheshavansha (serpent clan), descended from the Sheshavanshi king Shinda
Originalkingdom : Ranthamb (Ranthambore in Rajasthan) and Pattadakal (in Karnataka state
Current kingdom : Gwalior (in Madhya Pradesh)
Colour of throne, sign, horse and canopy : Red colour
Heraldic sign (Nishan) : Serpent on flagpole
Clan Goddess : Kalika Devi and Mahagauri.*Clan god :- Jyotiba.RAMVARDAYANI DEVI CHIPLUN MAHARASHTRA.
Devak (Clan object) : morvelMrugvell or Aagada ( A kind of Plants find in Maharashtra ), Kalamb, Rui and Morvell.
Guru : Kaundinya rishi
Gotra : Kaundinya
Veda : Yajurveda - Madhyandin , *Mantra : Gayatri Mantra . *Prawar :-Angiras ,Brihaspati and Kaundinya. *Victory weapon :- Sword. *Guhyasutra :- Paraska.
Surnames: Aapteekar, Bhuse, Desai, Kulhar, Kolhe, Kurvasinde, Jatayoo, Jadbuddhe, Jade, Jayshinde, Dable, Dorge, Durdayshinde, Nekulshinde, Neknamdar, Nebhale, Pratapshinde, Bhagalkar, Bhure, Bhore, Bhed, Mung, Ghate, Muke, Mungekar, Mugool, Vijayshinde, Shishupalshinde, Saktpalshinde, Sitajashinde, Bhairavshinde, Mahakalshinde, Mulshinde, Mude, Paigude. (Total 33)
Bhuse clan is in good number in Markal, Pune District.

Shinde Royal clan of Gwalior is originally from Kanherkhed village near Satara city in Maharashtra State. Shinde are Patil of Kanherkhed village.
Shinde clan is also in Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra. In Ratnagiri at Chiplun Taluka.- there are several villages of Shinde clan. These Shinde's are known as Daspatkar's as this a distinct clan. Whome Adelshah ascribed this tag Daspatkar as ten times heroic and bold Maratha worriors.
Shinde clan is also in Jaoli Taluka District Satara, Maharashtra. There are prominent numbers in Kudal village.
Shri Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia INC Guna (Madhya Pradesh)
More information link for shinde clan :-

1) Sindhia :-
2)Gwalior :-
3) Gwalior :-
4) Category:Scindia dynasty of Gwalior
5) For Shinde clan Flag :-

Kuli-Gaikwad Clan Devta-ROTMALNATH(ROTI) Devak-Suryaphul(Sunflower)

Surnames: Aalat, Kawalkar, Jane, Jalambakar, Jawalkar, Davte, Dahee, Dandghor, Daoodpure, Datarkar, Danee, Dave, Davne, Dhandar, Bhagde, Bhunvar, Bhete, Bhute, Munjewar, Murkute, Murkund, Male, Nangude, Rahane, Lambat, Lat, Avhale, Wankhede, Wamkhade (Total 29).
Jawalkar & Nangude :- Jawalkar & Nangude clan is in good number around fort Sinhagad.
Urjitsigha Shitole Sarkar - Organizer of Saint DnyaneshwarAlandi Palkhi Festival.)Shitole sarkar, Shitole Wada situated at Kasba Peth, near Kasba Ganpati mandir- Pune city. Shitole Sarkar of Ankali, viz Mahadaji Shitole Sarkar Anandsinh Dattajirao Shitole, Ashwath Ashokrao Shitole, Mansingh Ashokrao Shitole of Siddapurwadi
Ankali is a small town which located in tq: Chikodi, Dist: BelgaumAnkali is nice village but created its own identity in Karnataka as well as in Maharashtra. Because Ankali is historic place & owned by Shrimant Shitole Sarkar who have much respect in Pandharpur as well as in Alandi(Shri sant. Dnyaneshwar Maharaj's place). Holy horses u all know how much they have respect, people assume that one of horse as a "MAULI" means Shri Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj's 'Ashwa'.We all Ankalians are proud of this. Through this community all Ankalians & relative of Ankalians get together in one arena. We all proud to be Ankalians.Shitole Deshmukhs are basically from punawadi(PUNE).Near pune,Lawale,Baner,Patas,Kusegaon,Padavi and Ambewadi in Satara district,are their villages.Their chief deity (kuldevata)ROTMALNATH temple is in Roti village in Dound Tehsil of Pune district.They are Suryawanshi.

Late shri. Audumbaranna Patil (Shitole).Ex M.L.A. of Pandharpur & Founder Chairman Of Vitthal Sahakari Karkhana Ltd.;Venunagar of yevati village tq: Mohol Dist: Sholapur. Near Patas & surrounding Villages,Pune District,there are about no.of Shitole's present.many honoured as Deshmukh

Original surname: Kutur (Badshah)
Arrived in Konkan state in early seventh century (705 A.D.).
Original kingdom: Ahmedabad (in Gujarat state), Dabhol province in Konkan state.
Guru: Saunalya *Clan goddess (Kuladaivat): Mahakali, Shirkaidevi in Mose Maval area and Raigad fort.
Colour of throne and sign: White
Other clan things are the same as for the Dhampal clan
Surnames: Abhang, Andhak, Abhud, Asawale, Kasale, Kalyankar, Kathavde, Kirandate, Kolare, Kans, Kautuke, Khilate, Gabde, Dhobe, Tanvde, Tade, Taptraye, Dumge, Dungre, Bagwan, Valunjkar, Bhorawkar, Bhokle, Bhojke, Lamale, Veense, Veerdatta, Sinwar, Sankadam, Honmane, Hause, Saikar. Dudhane (Total 32)
B.G.Shirke industrialist and businessman.

King Shivaji's two brides was from shirke Maratha Clan.

Salvi, Satavahanas, Andhras
Lineage :- Sun or Solar clan, Gotra:- Kauondinya, Devak (Clan objects ):- Kalamb , Rui or Mortel , Clan Gods:- Umamaheshwar and Bhavani goddess of Tuljapur and Khandoba of Jejuri.

Surnames: Jarade, Jambekar, Jivdhevoo, Jivtode, Junare, Jenekar, Jainjahagirdar, Bahal, Borse, Bhaltilak, Bhumer, Bhedalkar, Mudvatye, Mudhe, Mumbarkar, Murankar, Musale, Muruk, Salvi, Swamiwah, Shalivahan, Shravne, Satav, Salav. (Total 25)

Lineage: Brahmavansha alias Yaduvansha alias Harivansha
Original seat: Mahinagar
Current kingdom: Sundarwadi (Sawantwadi in the Konkan region of Maharashtra)
Colour of throne, sign, horse and canopy: Yellow
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Hanuman on flagpole
Clan god: Brahmanath *Clan object (Devak): Lotus flower (Kamal)
Guru: Bharadwaja *Veda: Yajurveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames: Adhikaree, Esamulkar, Karne, Kamble, Kasle, Kathor, Jomdar, Chine, Tejpoore, Walse, Bahak, Baeera, Bhond, Bhoge, Mahiwar, Mahachitre, Vanjare, Visad, Salvi, Samant, Sutube, Satvat, Satpute, Suktankar, Supple. (Total 25)
More information link for Savant clan :-

Salunkhe, Solanki
Lineage: Brahmavansha or Yaduvansha or Harivansha
Original seat: Mahinagar and Anhilpur (Anhilpur Patan in Gujarat) and Delhi
Colour of throne, sign, horse and canopy: Yellow
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Hanuman on flagpole*Clan god (Kuladaivat): Brahmanath *Clan object (Devak): Lotus flower
Guru: Bharadwaja *Gotra: Chulkee *Veda: Rigveda *Mantra: Chatushpad Gayatri mantra
Clan, Line: Attarde, Ambeeraw, Adhatraw, Anekraw, Andhak, Aatkaree, Engawle, Inraneel, Endap, Uste, Aauoshadhraw, Kalyanraw, Khadre, Kobal,Gadgeel, Gunjal, Ghanlave, Dhirte, Chandnasav, Zade, Takes, Dande, Dhadlag, Navtale, Navse, Navale, Nable, Nagele, Padvle, Pandhare, Patankar, Patole, Patade, Barnar, Barve, Birje, Bolave, Ranbavre, Rakhankar, Lahane, Londho, Waghmare, Sarkale, Sarvare, Sarfare, Sakhale, Sabde, Shirkhaire, Sinhnade, Shebale, Salunkhe, Salunkh, Soluke, Takavle,Takawle,Vyavahare,Waghchoure-Deshmukh(Alegaon Paga)

Surnames: Jikar, Sol, Tikar, Honge, Bhagle, Bhandaree, Bhusur, Bhongsal, Bhongde, Bhobde, Bhoje, Rajrosh, Raygane, Raybal, Sasan, Sambre, Sonagar, Sunsune, Sorakhe, Sondarkar, Hambeerraw, Harpal. (Total 23)

Shisode, Sisodia
Original kingdom : Tuljapur and Udaipur (in Rajastan)
Colour of throne, sign, horse and canopy: Bhagwe (Ochre)
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Rudra on flagpole
Clan god (Kuladaivat): Mahadev (Shankar, Shiva) *Clan object (Devak): five leaves (Panchpallaw)
Guru: Kaushika rishi *Veda: Rigveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames: Guhilod, Guheet, Chaudharee, Jiskar, Joshee, Badekar, Bodh, Bhojve, Bhongde, Sail, Sarak, Sedval, Hadap, Hajare, Bhetau, Bhosale, Salav (Salve or Salvi), Apradhe, Bhauvar, Joshi, Sedval, Sail, Choudhare.

Descendent from King Rama clan.
Mulpurush (main clan male): Vajrapal
Original kingdom: Ayodhya, Rewagadtharnagar and Shrungarpur in Konkan
Original clan name: Gaykawad
Vansh: Suryavansh (Solar)
Colour of throne, canopy and sign: Twin colours (Red and White)
Colour of horse (Varu): White
Clan god: Khanderam, Prabakar *Clan object (Devak): , Suryatrun, Pancha-pallava (Five leaf)
Guru: Vasishtha *Gotra: Kashyapa *Veda: Yajurveda (Full authority), Rigveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Kharde, Surve, Karpe, Karne, Kurhede, Kunwar, Khartha, Gawse, Surya, Gavandhal, Girgute, Ghad, Ghode, Ghane, Ghirte, Jumde, Dambeer, Degne, Doifhode, Dhone, Dhere, Talvate, Nake, Naik, Nakedar, Pune, Fhakne, Fhalkar, Bhandvalkar, Mule, Mone, Rajwade, Rasne, Rawal, Rede, Lalate, Laleete, Lafhange, Latke, Lahudkar, Vaze, Vajre, Valke, Vinchurkar, Vilhale, Shende, Shitole, Sarate, Sarde, Sabne, Sansane, Savtore, Singar, Sirsale, Sirsath, Sote, Surge, Sonane, Hakeem, Sabatkar. (Total 63)

Lineage: Suryavansha (solar clan)
Original kingdom: Ayodhya
Colour of throne: Twin colours (Red and white)
Colour of canopy and sign: Twin colours
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on flagpole
Clan god (Kuladaivat): Prabhakar *Clan object (Devak): Pancha-pallava (Five leaf)
Guru: Vasishtha *Gotra: Kashyapa *Veda: Yajurveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra.
Surnames:- Avachare, AvXare, Kalmukh, Kakde, Karmakhe, Karthe, Kadere, Karmukh, Kanole, Karul, Kikate, Kuber, Keskar, Khule, God, Godve, Gadge, Ghodke, Ghodchale, Chande, Chakke, Jaree, Zunjarraw, Dhore, Dhayte, Nade, Navdhee, Nache, Parvale, Polu, Fharte, Fhate, Fhukte, Bagrul, Bhandolkar, Bhope, Bhamburde, Bhoy, Malgunj, Made, Mhasale, Mhaswadkar, Ranchot, Ranwagure, Randheer, Ranvee, Rachode, Lokhande, Vankhade, Vavde, Velne, Velunke, Vadad, Vanzol, Vasande, Shelwad, Shardul, Shitole, Sarag, Satam, Sade, Sure, Surgathe, Suryvanshi, Hake, Shirsagar, Kshyatiya. (Total 68)

Thakur, Thakoor ,Thakore
Surnames: Karhal, Kharode, Gadge, Gadgeel, Gore, Gopal, Golandaj, Thakre, Dak(Duck), Dege, Dokhe, Dange, Dhale, Dhoktirtha, Dahe, Dkhare, Baree, Burud, Wrankar, Wardhe, Wardhane, Wararkar, Samarth, Dhumawle, Dhumte, Dhukte, Maker, Mandloi, Satranje. (Total 31)

Tayde, Tawade
Lineage: Somavansha or Moon or Lunar clan
Kingdom: Jaipur (Rajasthan state)
Clan goddess: Jogeshwari
Colour of throne, sign, horse and canopy: Dhawala (White)
Guru: Vishvamitra *Mantra: Gayatri *Gotra: Vishwavasu, Chyavana
Surnames:- Atulbalee, Upase, Urkud, Kitkite, Kombe, Luskase, Garat, Surya, Garekh, Gote, Chandel, Chandereea, Chandrakant Chamchame Chandrabal, Chandanan, Charfkal Chirphule, Jagbhan, Jagdale, Lawal, Jibe, Jeetkar, Jambuk, Janmadagni, Jind, Talekar, Tanbade, Tilak, Tanbateekar, Tarphade, Tantre, Tugare, Tailing, Tuphane, Diwane, Devrai, Dhumate, Namjade, Nagdev, Nagtilak, Nimit, Bure, Barade, Mandeesar, Murmure, Lote, Mrugwahan, Waghe, Wadhle, Wadade, Sathe, Sangal, Sosate, Hawle, Lobhe, Veerkar,Tawade . (Total 58)

Tonwar, Tuwar, Tomara
Lineage: Suryavansha (solar clan)
Original kingdom: Karnataka in south India
Colour of throne, sign and canopy: Green *Colour of horse: Yellow
Heraldic sign (Nishan): Hanuman on flagpole*Clan goddess (Kuladaivat): Jogeshwari *Devak (Clan object): Umbar (Ficus racemosa tree)
Guru: Parshar *Gotra: Nikam *Veda: Yajurveda *Mantra: Gayatri mantra
Surnames:- Kukde,
KULAT (Families in Maharashtra - Amravati District), Kukte, Kene, Keche, Kedarne, Gunjwate, Ghumbhar, Tarte, Tawar now most changed to Deosarkar/Devsarkar, Tamte, Tangde, Tigharkar, Turudkar, Tirole, Tinmode, Tulankar, Turwe, Telkhade, Burade, Miratkar, Malpawar. (Total 24

Surnames: Kuttarmare, Kurmure, Kurkure, Khapne, Khanwilkar, Gawhar, Garpal, Tupt, Ganganaik. (Total 10)

Lineage :- Sun or Solar Clan, Gotra:- Bharadwaj, Devak (Clan objects):- Gold, Kalamb, Turmeric, Ketki, Clan Gods:-Bhavani Goddess of Tuljapur.

Surnames: Kuwadi, Kurmap, Kumar, Kulwan, Kore, Kuleen, Khandokar, Guhal, Dhamaila, Ghorpade, Tamkhade, Tathe, Tiwkshyekar. (Total 14)

Surnames:Thite,Kusumb, Kekne, Kodale, Kothe, Khond, Gaygol, Gudwe, Chirkale, Chirphal, Jalguj, Jijkar, Dhakre, Ghatge, Narkhamb, Nayak, Patil, Pusdkar, Pete, Pethe, Behade, Yadgire. (Total 23)
Late shree Dr Shrikant Jijkar MLA was prominent figure from Jijkar clan.
'Thite' clan is in good number in village Kendur in Pune District

Surnames: Chopne, Chaukane, Chopdar, Chaukeedar, Zale, Tote, Todkaree, Dhatkar, Dhudhgaw, Dod Alis Dode, Dhmrale, Dhandar, Pethakar, Fhole, Fhausdar, Bhuskate, Maparee, Mirjapure, Misar, Mohitkar, Modhekar, Meen, Viraj, Dharmare, Dharsade, Vichare, Dhamralkar. (Total 30)
King Shivaji'S One of the Wife was from Vichare Clan.

Surnames: Indhe, Edhe, Janbhulkar, Jeth, Jogal, Jore, Zagre, Thel, Thembdee, Dumne, Lumbe, Waghmare, Tombal, Devee, Thapre, Daitya, Daud, Dhaskat, Dhapale, Paisole, Fhatkar, Fhundkar, Fhokmare, Vaichitre, Vaitage, Vidwan, Bhamborkar, Bhujale, Bhongal, Bhongale, Misle, Mimile, Monmal, Mondekar Aliasm Hallamare, Varhade, Sagjam, Saval, Sirsale, Thape, Edhate. (Total 43)

Another name for the Bagawe clan

Original seat: Bhavnagar (in Gujarat)
Throne, Sign, Horse, Canopy: Yellow *Heraldic sign (Nishan): Moon on flagpole
Clan goddess: Jogeshwari
Clan object (Devak): Umbar Tree (Ficus racemosa Tree)
Gotra: Dhampal
Veda: Rigveda
Mantra: Panchakshari.

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Have u seen this....

Its very old trap used for catching fish in river.

Moodi or Biwla
This is a storage unit for storing rice. The photo shown below is small prototype, real ones used for storing rice are bigger in size.