Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ganesh Chaturthi 14

Unit 10 outage is almost final and my leave for ganesh chaturthi is cancelled. This sounds terrific because this is not first time; for last three years I am going through same problem.
1st Sept 2014: I am in a bus; on the way to home. 4 days I missed but next part was not void for me. Things got settled at work. I was free to inhale breeze of this festival at least for remaining three days.

Actually I was to reach first to welcome Lord Ganesh, but it happened other way. With Lord Ganesh I could sense happiness on everybody's face; when I reached there. We don't have any giant celebration like what people do in cities like Mumbai, but intensity of feeling behind that is equivalent to it. Visits to special places within village like sakhedi, mahalaxmi mandir, a small inter family get together and  historical discussion taking place in our verandah; is something that I keep on missing through out the year.

It’s a universal fact that every express high way of life asks to pay toll first then only allows to drive on it. I spend few days at my native place; all with full joy. But there is a payment to be made first. We don’t have sufficient resources there especially water and electricity. We keep on struggling to get them every time.

 The day I landed there, no water was available. There is no plumber who can fix this issue nor any water supply person who is ready to take my call, rather it’s one of us to play above role and resume the water.
This time I took lead. There is around one kilometer long ¾” plastic pipe line having leakages located everywhere along the length. We have been told that first job to be done to remove air trapped at different locations. We did it then we reached so called ‘header’. We checked the line and went back home but we could get only small flow of water which can’t suffice a family of around 30 people. So we moved back to do something more on it. Initially we were not aware of what is normal permissible leakage. For next two hours, with help of one more neighbor, we tried a lot and finally surrendered.

With every second of clock, there is something getting erased from memory of my past life which I have spent here. So every time I go there, I come across many such incidents or object, which make me feel refreshed. Eventually memory is one best friend god has gifted us; so just learn how to use it and enjoy.

4th Sept 2014: And all those three days of joy come to an end on Ganesh Visarjan. This time our Ganeshji had special savari of our car. In fact in addition to that on same day I turned 27 which attracted a small cake cutting celebration followed by a feelings exchange session. And with such few more memories, this small ganapati vacation came to an end.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014


I think it is my first time when I am visiting this place during Holi. The word Holi immediately take us to colours, enjoyment. But here in villages, it s not about playing with colours.

Actually I am fully convinced with the logic people have inculcated since ages behind these rituals. Still spending time in Mandir, with these people, make us feel pleasant, calm. 

GOMU.... :)
Same evening I came across a group of kids with a krishn and other relevant characters to play Gomu act/dance.
Long back during my school days with my school buddies, I had also participated in this. We 4 to 5 friends went to many homes in nearby area and collected around 35 to 40 rupees. Actually I was not permitted to go for it, because roaming around village, dancing-singing and finally taking 1 or 2 rupee for that; does not sound decent at all. Now I feel it was unique experience that I had enjoyed. 

Monday, March 17, 2014


Shree Guruve Namaha......10 Feb 2014

'SHREE GURVE NAMAHA' a Mahotsav arranged by Daily Marathi newspaper-Tarun Bharat on 10th February 2014 to promote as well as felicitate pioneers in field of education across Sindhudurg district. And I feel very proud that my family was also honoured on that occasion. Paper cuttings of the same given below.