Sunday, April 28, 2013


I am not perfect to understand our traditions.These are good opportunities for get together. But beyond this thought there are some rules attached to our traditions whose explanations are nowhere available in distinct way. And we all try to follow them as per our own customised definitions. As we are moving ahead in today's accelerated pace, our life goal are becoming narrow, self oriented, me and my family.
Majority of crowd like us is shifting to cities. And we are leaving behind our native homes alone.  
Whenever I visit my home, its always because of some festivals or rituals etc. I am also one of the victim who could not make out enough time for our native home. This year I decided to start Marathi new year from my home after around 10 years means I could not go home on occasion of Gudi Padwa since last ten years. 11th March at morning 7 I reached home, Some of our family members have marked their attendance before me and few were yet to mark. Just to understand scenario there, its a house normally in locked conditions except on few major occasions whose list seems reducing day by day; with some trees in surrounding land who are always waiting for us to see them, feed them food (I mean water, fertilisers etc). Specially coconut trees, banana trees those who require water throughtout year. Unfortunately this time there was no water available till to April. Lack of manpower, remoteness, non availability of resources and most important is crunch of time; making us more reluctant ensuring healthiness of these assets which is also part of my responsibility.

Our first half of day was totally engaged in troubleshooting our water pump to get water for trees. We applied some Jugads with help of our neighbours but we could not get the water up from pump in first half of the day. My other family members were busy in preparation for Gudi and all.  We had sweet lunch in afternoon. Then power supply issue was restored and finally pump was started. Time was not enough since we had to move to some other place on same day. Hence we carried out same exercise on next day also.Thus eventually we could feed water to those trees.

I don't know why we keep food outside our home on all major family occasions ; assuming our ancestor will to eat it. But they must be insisting us to take care there assets which were handed over us by them long back.

If I ask a simple question to myself; do I value all this? Answer would be yes. But maintening all this is turning out to be tougher day by day. Today somehow we are managing it. But what about future? which looks darkened. I can just hope that it would be fine ahead.

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